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Eye Am Happy That’s Over

I have come to accept that the boys’ annual dilation of their eyes is a challenging appointment.  To prepare for our afternoon at the children’s clinic, I discussed with them that while eye drops are not pleasant, they are necessary for the health of their eyes.  It is okay to be frustrated.  However, it is not okay to scream and cry like they are on fire or to physically lash out at the poor staff member administering the drops (we have lived through both these scenarios).

When it was time for the drops, I made T.Puzzle go first.  I figured he would be the most belligerent and wanted it over as quickly as possible.  My instinct was right.  He acted as if we were burning his eyes with acid.  He cried and screamed.  I had to physically restrain him while the nurse pried his clamped lids open and precariously aimed the drops in the general vicinity of his eyeballs.

Of course, Full Speed sat quietly in the corner watching this whole scene unfold.  I gambled that while seeing his brother freak would be unsettling, he is old enough to reason through that eye drops don’t maim you.  When it was his turn, he bravely took his drops.  He tried so hard to keep still and even squeaked out a ‘thank you!’ when the nurse was done.  It was the sweetest, cutest ‘thank you’ I had heard in a long while.

As a reward, I took the boys to the snack shop where we could wait out the dilation process and they could choose anything they wanted from the vending machine.  As we sat at our table surrounded by Skittles and potato chips, the boys wanted to know how I thought they did.  I said that Full Speed did amazing and T.Puzzle’s outburst was a bit over the top. Full Speed turned to me and said, “It’s true he did scream and cry a lot, but he didn’t try to hit the nurse when she gave him the drops.  He didn’t kick her either.”

T.Puzzle shows off his winning smile and awesome shades worn to protect his dilated eyes. He promptly took them off about two seconds later.

I couldn’t be more proud.

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boys play matchbox cars to pass the time at the ophthalmologist's

We are seated in the tiny eye exam room.  I am so beyond stressed that I actually feel kind of calm.

These visits to the pediatric ophthalmologist are not without uncertainty.

Will Full Speed test well?

Is T.Puzzle in a cooperative mood?

I try to convince myself it’s no big deal.  I mean only the future of my children’s vision is at stake here.

We wait for the eye doctor.

She breezes into the room with grace and confidence.

She clearly adores my boys.

This helps.

Full Speed is an unexpected rock star of vision testing.

He tests 20/40 in his right eye and 20/30 in his left.

I almost faint.

He then proceeds to read a line of print so teeny-tiny, I’m positive that only someone with superhuman eyesight could read it (no, it’s not that I’m old in the least and had to squint to read the line myself).

I almost faint again.

I get goosebumps on top of my goosebumps.  My heart fills with immeasurable gratitude.

It hardly phases me that T.Puzzle is mostly uncooperative.  He holds steady at 20/50 and 20/70.

I’ll take it.

During this arduous process of eye surgeries, doctor’s appointments and visits to the ophthalmologist, I have learned that I cannot control the level of vision that each of my boys will attain.

All I can control is how I feel about it.

And today for the first time in my life, I feel absolutely amazing about their vision.

This is one of the best days ever.

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Bad to Worse

I had the delusion that I would take T.Puzzle out for a lovely lunch (his choice) on his last day before returning to preschool.

Instead, this is how he behaved at the eye doctor’s:

Then, it went from bad to worse on the ride home…

We are clearly tired of going to the eye doctor.

Lucky for us we get to go back in three weeks.

Rock. On.

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Times Two

Full Speed knows something is up. Little T.Puzzle’s first surgery is tomorrow and the air in the house is soaked in anxiety (mainly mine).

I’m taking both boys to the eye doctor this morning. As I picked out little T.Puzzle’s regulatory Thomas shirt for him to wear, Full Speed said he wanted to wear the same.

He never says that anymore. I think it’s his way of showing support for his little brother.

Maybe we’ll make it through after all….

Two is better than one
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Eye Love Trains

Little T.Puzzle and I are downtown at the eye doctor. Today is ‘pre-op’ day to prepare for his eye exam under anesthesia tomorrow.

He’s handling this better than I am. Of course a backpack full of Thomas the Train gear certainly helps.