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Baby Fever

My friend is currently out of town visiting her sister and newborn son.  I saw her boyfriend today and commented that he’d better watch out because I was pretty sure she’d  return with a bad case of baby fever.  She’s mentioned in recent months that she does occasionally consider adding to their family and being around babies really increases this urge.

Of course as I’m attempting to converse with him Full Speed and T.Puzzle are just being themselves.  They are running in circles, shouting and karate-chopping each other’s heads.

These two are the equivalent of approximately 20 low-energy children.

My friend’s boyfriend looks at the boys in all their mayhem and says, “Have her spend some time with your little guys and she’ll be cured for sure.”

Whatever did he mean?

Hey, I’m all on board with this intervention.   I think it’s best if we do a version of psychological flooding which places her in plentiful contact with my boys to squash any inkling of continued procreation.  I’m recommending the she spend every afternoon for several hours (at least until I can get dinner on the table) and all day/night on Saturdays with them (at her house of course).

Anything for a friend, right?