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Slam Dunk

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The goal in writing this blog is to give some much needed observatory distance from the chaos that is my every day life.  It helps if I take a moment to reflect on the day’s events and allows me to be a more accepting person/Mom.  I have grown leaps and bounds in acceptance but there are still times when I find myself holding my breath and wishing that my boys were a tad bit calmer than they actually are.

It just ain’t so.

I had high expectations for our family movie night viewing of ‘Hoosiers‘.  While I am at heart a true girlie girl, I appreciate good sports and I adore a good sports movie.  This particular movie is very special to me.  I vividly remember going with my Mom to see it and we bonded tremendously over the nail-biting basketball sequences and rooting for the underdog.  I truly felt like my mother’s daughter after this experience.  She, the lover of all things basketball, realized that maybe I wasn’t only all about lip-gloss and hairspray.

I prepared myself that the boys would lose interest in about the first five minutes of the movie.  Despite this mental preparation I couldn’t help but ‘wish’ that they would sit quietly for its duration and maybe even love it a little, too.

Thankfully, it exceeded my expectations.  Granted, T.Puzzle fell asleep because the movie had a late start, but Full Speed was riveted.

T.Puzzle can't run with the big dogs and falls asleep before Hoosier's sectionals. No worries, we own the movie little guy.

Maybe there’s more to each of us than we realize.

If we learn to let go of what we think people should be, they might just surprise us and be exactly who we need.

And learning this is the slam-dunk of motherhood.

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To All A Good Night!

As we prepared our home for Santa’s arrival there was much discussion concerning the placement of his cookies. Full Speed reasoned that we put them in his line of sight directly across from our fireplace. He was very analytical about it and very sure. He stood in front of the fireplace and reenacted what Santa’s point of entry would look like to prove the accuracy of the cookie placement. And, prove it he did.

T.Puzzle threw his two cents in by imitating Santa’s laugh all through the day. ‘Ho, Ho, Ho,’ could be heard from one end of the house to the other. I believe his belly even shook a little like a bowl full of jelly.

Late in the day we settled in front of the television outfitted in our superhero pjs. With popcorn in hand we watched the movie ‘The Santa Clause’. Somehow, it managed to capture their attention for its entire length. That is a Christmas miracle in and of itself.

Then it was time for the official reading of ‘Twas the Night before Christmas.’ I don’t know why I torture myself into having this tradition. One year Mad Dog had to hold Full Speed upside down dangling in front of the book to keep him interested.  T.Puzzle was a babe at the time and fussed throughout. Last year went more smoothly but not quite the peaceful reading I had imagined. This year, they were more invested but it was about three pages too long. I really need to find a shorter version so my boys stay put. Something like, ‘Twas the night before Christmas and to all a good night,’ just might be the ticket.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!