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The Bike Ride

p8132940As long as there is breath in my body, I will fight for the right to have a family bike ride.  I play enough sports, I watch enough sports and I attend enough sporting events that I am justified in rounding up all three of my boys for bike riding.  They are so wholly resistant at times, I question whether I should push forward.  Then, after another round of football/baseball/basketball, I think, you know what?  I deserve a little something for me.

Mad Dog’s week has been particularly demanding work-wise so when a 90 minute window opened up for us to hop on our bikes this weekend, we took it.  I couldn’t believe we were finally doing something I wanted.  The sky was cloudless and the kind of deep blue that takes your breath away.  The temperature was perfect and I could hear the birds chirping us on to a fun family outing. Life was good.

We rode all of five minutes and T.Puzzle announces that he needs to use the bathroom.


There, I said it.

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Around the World

T.Puzzle’s school hosted their annual ‘International Night’.  Each classroom had a national theme and had food to represent this theme. 

All week the boys were excited for this event.  T.Puzzle kept asking Mad Dog if he was going to come and have ‘Chinese food with us?’ about twice a day.  Full Speed was looking forward to hanging out at his old stomping grounds and playing on the slides and outdoor equipment.  Of course, he was all about the food, too.

The boys decorate our entry for Mad Dog to welcome him home in anticipation of our attendance of International Night.
I looked forward to the event because the boys were beside themselves with anticipation.  I also had some reservations.  It’s crowded, hot, chaotic and extremely noisy.  This is hard for me when my preference is solitude, moderate temperatures with a cool breeze thrown in, complete organization and extreme quiet.  The cards were stacked against me.

By the time it was done, my nervous system was on overdrive teetering on the brink of a total meltdown.  Even Mad Dog had reached his limit.

The boys however seemed to gain energy from the more people, food and ‘countries’ we visited.  They even insisted on playing outside the school for as long as we would allow.

The ride home was no different.  Mad Dog and I sat in near catatonic silence while T.Puzzle and Full Speed amped up their antics in the back.

I guess that’s part of parenting.  You do things that are out of your comfort zone and nine times out of ten you end up having a good time.  Watching your kids have a blast makes anything feel like a success.   Even if you need a nap afterwards.

children, gratitude, happiness, humor, kids, life in pictures, mommyhood, motherhood, parenting

A Dinosaur and a Prayer

Brachiosaurus animatronic model
Image via Wikipedia

All week long the boys tried to convince me that Mad Dog needed to see the Dino Alive! exhibit at the zoo.  They were convinced he was most certainly experiencing sleepless nights until he witnessed the wonders of animatronic dinosaurs with his own eyes.

We started out our Sunday with a cloudless sky, hope in our hearts and our zoo membership card in the car console.

I told Mad Dog to be prepared.  He was going to need to carry T.Puzzle throughout the wandering path of hidden dinosaurs.  I told him by the end of our last visit, T.Puzzle had his arms and legs locked on me in a death grip, Full Speed was cowering behind me and all that stood between me and the gigantic T-Rex was my steely resolve.

This outing was a little different.  Both boys insisted on walking on their own through the maze of trees and roaring reptiles.  Full Speed compensated his fear by staying true to his name.  He would dart as fast as he could away from any sense of danger.

T.Puzzle, well, he coped in another way.  He chose prayer.  He clasped his hands tightly together as he willed his feet to keep moving.  A step here, a step there and a prayer right here.

He kept his hands clasped like that through our entire dinosaur adventure.

Cutest four year old ever.


Team Spirit

dressing in family Buckeye gear when T.Puzzle was a baby and Full Speed was a rambunctious two year old
Okay, I’ll admit it.  It can be a bit cheesy to have your family dress all in the same team gear on game day.  It also can be a whole lot of fun.

It’s our tradition and since I married someone passionate about football, I go with it.  I have yet to convince Mad Dog to wear a matching ‘I heart Michael Buble’ ‘ t-shirt with me, but that’s another blog post for another day. 

I have to be honest here, there is a definite downside.

If you happen to remove your poorly behaved four year old from a restaurant and take him outside so he can tantrum his way through his punishment, there is no denying the kid is yours.  Even if you surreptitiously slide your body away from your prone, screaming child, the matching jerseys are a dead give-away.

So, wear your matching family jerseys with team pride, but maybe keep your Buble’ t-shirt in the trunk of your vehicle for emergencies.

children, gratitude, happiness, kids, mommyhood, motherhood, parenting

The Movies

Yogi Bear and Boo Boo, 2010
Image by erjkprunczyk - Happy New Year! via Flickr


Mad Dog and I took the boys to see ‘Yogi Bear’.  If I’m being completely honest, sitting through children’s fare, especially the type common to theaters in recent years, can be a bit taxing on your sense of sanity.

I tried to keep an open mind to the inanity of it all. 

When my attention wasn’t captured by the movie, which was most  of the time, I quickly became absorbed in thought.  How could I change my perspective and appreciate this movie, this experience and this moment? 

Well, it helped a ton to hear the unfiltered giggles emitting from each boy on either side of me.  It also wasn’t the worst kid’s movie I’ve had to sit through either.

I couldn’t maintain a zen outlook the whole time.  In the moments I could, I sat back and was more content to watch Full Speed and T.Puzzle enjoy their cinematic adventure.  And enjoy it they did.

I counted myself lucky that we live close to a theater, had gift certificates to pay our way (thank you, Grandma and Grandpa!) and Mad Dog available to join us.

The movie didn’t end up on any of my top ten lists,  but the company was divine.

That in itself was worth the price of admission.