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The Summer of Love


Per our tradition, I was seated at the counter flanked by the boys as we ate our final lunch of summer break.  I don’t know why, but lunch at the counter seems more summery than table eating.

T.Puzzle (looking rather forlorn):  “Why does school have to start again?”

Me:  “The first day of school is that bad, huh?”

T.Puzzle:  “It’s so bad we should call it The Day That Cannot be Named.  The other day I hate is Valentine’s Day.  It’s all love and bleh.  I don’t understand why there has to be a whole day about love.  It makes no sense.”

Full Speed (courtesy of a joke book):  “If you’re born in November, that means your parents had a pretty cool Valentine’s Day.”

I laughed so hard I almost spit out my food.  This made Full Speed laugh which only made me laugh harder.  T.Puzzle remained unmoved, I mean, it was the day before The Day That Cannot Be Named after all.

T.Puzzle shares his true feelings about returning to school.


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Going, Going,…Gone

Every time the boys begin a new school year, I have serious adjustment issues.  That’s right, it’s ME that has the issues not them.  This year was even more challenging because I realized I was going to genuinely miss them.   Usually, I’m so ready for quiet, that it takes me a several weeks to start missing them.  Not so this time.  I missed them as soon as I dropped them off.

As I pulled our truck into the school drop-off lane for their first day, they could barely contain themselves.  They were both adamant that I was not to walk them in (a knife in the heart would hurt less!).  They tumbled out as quickly as possible and barely even threw me a glance as they raced toward their school.   And, just like that they were…gone.

I realized that it isn’t that I fear their independence, though it certainly humbles me, it’s more that I fear the freedom that this independence affords me.   If I am needed less, where does this extra time and energy go?

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to find out.

Have a great school year everyone!

Yes, Mom.  We will pose...
Yes, Mom. We will pose…

Now, T.Puzzle begins to lose it...
T.Puzzle begins to lose it…
Full Speed joins in...
Full Speed joins in…
It's all downhill from there...
It’s all downhill from there…