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A Call of Acknowledgement

All anyone wants in the world is some acknowledgement.

Full Speed wants praise for his good grades and high-flying karate kicks.

Full Speed attacks!

T.Puzzle wants to show off his muscles after drinking his milk and have me say how impressed I am (his four year old guns are massive by the way).

I told you T.Puzzle's pipes were massive

How often do the Moms of the world get acknowledgement?  In my experience it is not an everyday sort of occurrence.

Last week Mad Dog’s team at work took Boss’s day to the next level.  Not only did they show appreciation for Mad Dog, they also sent me flowers.  I appreciated that they understand the impact on our family of having Mad Dog work such a demanding job.  I work hard to raise our boys and run our household and a lot of times Mad Dog isn’t able to lend a hand because of his own work commitments (bazillion late day conference calls, anyone?).

It feels good to be acknowledged.  Actually it feels great.

I dedicate these flowers to all the Moms, wives and partners out there who make a house a home and keep their families going no matter what the circumstance.


I will be scheduling a conference call later with all of you so we may discuss this at length.

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Work Issues

Sometimes my husband works a lot (those of you who know him, try not to choke!).

He is (and always has been) putting in long hours to provide for me, my boys and our future.  Even though the amount of time he spends working can be frustrating, I can’t fault him for this.

It has been a challenge at times taking on the lion’s share of parenting with my boys.  You’ve read my blog.  You know why.

Being frustrated about it gets me no where.

Well, except for the occasional bouquet of spectacular flowers:

All in a day’s work.

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Yes, I Combed My Hair

I have a sure-fire way to get a compliment. When dropping your child at school/camp, consistently wear old t-shirts and scruffy looking shorts. Oh, and hardly ever comb/wash your hair, too. That way when you make a tiny effort of simply putting a comb to your hair and throwing on a cute necklace, it sends shockwaves through the school/camp’s staff. They can’t help but comment on your appearance in a complimentary way.

The reason I say this is that I actually put some effort into myself before leaving the house today. I was more embarrassed than flattered at how many compliments I received at Full Speed’s camp. Makes me wonder how bedraggled I have looked up until this point.

Oh well.

Today is a big day. Full Speed has his orientation for kindergarten so I am attempting to look pulled together even if I don’t feel it (you know, first impression and all). We will see his classroom and meet his teacher. All I hope is that his teacher is a person who can appreciate high energy.

And, thank you to Mad Dog for my surprise blog-a-versary flowers yesterday. They are beautiful and I am thankful you remain my number one fan (regardless of how I look).

Love you, Mad Dog!