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The Example

I’m trying to teach Full Speed not to point out people who are different from him and make fun. He has already made some pretty embarrassing comments about a boy who weighed considerably more than him, and a man with an overflowing afro. I have had many discussions with him about the things that make us different are the things that make us special. I also use the example that if someone pointed out that Full Speed wears glasses and thinks it’s funny, how hurtful that might feel to him. His glasses are what makes him unique and being unique is quite amazing.

So, we are eating at Applebee’s and Full Speed notices a tattoo-covered man reach his arms over his head to stretch. I see what is about to happen as a little, devilish smile creeps across Full Speed’s face. He is just about to poke and make fun of the man’s tattoo-covered arms when I give him my meanest mommy-glare. His demeanor shifts instantly and he looks up at me with innocent eyes.

“I was just going to ask what that guy was doing, Mom. I wasn’t going to make fun of him (of course he says this at a loud volume possibly defeating any lesson I am trying to teach).”

I have to give it to him, Full Speed always has a creative defense whenever he is caught in the act of something naughty. I would poke fun at this but I’m trying to set a good example.

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A Good Sight

This week I took Full Speed in for his eye check-up. It was almost entirely positive news. He has equal vision in both eyes and he tested a 20/60 which is his best testing to date. It is apparent to anyone who knows him that his vision has improved dramatically since his past two surgeries. It could always be better but where he is at right now is remarkable. He went from falling well within the parameters of being legally blind to now testing in the range that will allow him to drive. It is simply miraculous. I can’t even quite wrap my brain around the enormity of it.

We still have a few hills to climb but at least I know we are on the right path. I have done everything within my power to ensure Full Speed will have his best possible vision. I had to patch his stronger eye (his left) to improve his right eye’s vision starting at age two. Yeah, … imagine the blog posts that alone could have produced. There were days I practically had to sit on him to get the patch on and then hold him tight so he couldn’t rip it from his face. I’ve been by his side for endless doctor’s appointments, surgeries, attempts at wearing contacts, eye drops and endless rounds of broken glasses.

I wouldn’t change one bit of this journey. I appreciate his vision to the depths of my soul. I couldn’t do that if we hadn’t worked so hard for it.

He deserves every bit.

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Watch Your Step

We are headed to dinner. Full Speed decides he wants to wear an Ohio State pull-over hoodie. No big deal, he just needs to remove his glasses before I help him tug it over his head and arms. He of course carefully places his glasses on the floor right next to where he and T.Puzzle are standing. I quickly admonish him and tell him to hurry up and put his glasses somewhere that they won’t get stepped on. He scrambles to them, scoops them up and races over to the stairs. He then proceeds to gently place them on the lowest step.

Not exactly what I meant.

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Piece of Cake

This happened a couple of days ago and was bumped because of all of little T.Puzzle’s exciting allergy news. As you know, Mad Dog was out of town for a training. To help me get through the week, our babysitter came to help one evening. She stayed home with T.Puzzle and I took Full Speed to karate with the older and higher ranking kids. After that, we went on a ‘date’.

He was so excited to go out with just me. We went to Ruby Tuesday’s and he handled himself fairly well. There was a point that he spastically kicked the table (you know he can’t sit still, ever) and it almost flipped over. And then there was the inappropriate comment he made about a smelly, body function. I had to sternly tell him I expected more from him and to not talk silly at the table. Other than that, it was quite enjoyable. We discussed what he is learning at school (which according to him is a lot because apparently he knows EVERYTHING) and we named the shapes of all the light fixtures (some were big and round and reminded Full Speed of cake).

When our meal was over I told him we could get dessert. His face lit up with joy. I read off the choices and he immediately chose the double chocolate cake. I told him that on a date, a gentlemen, if in agreement with his lady friend, should order when the waiter comes to the table. He was very serious about ordering the cake and was delighted to know we would get ice cream with it.

The manager came out to ask us how our meal was. He had heard that we were on a date. He asked Full Speed if he was going to pay. “I can’t pay. I’m not even an adult!” he said.

“Maybe you could go to the back and wash dishes instead,” said the manager.

“Okay,” said Full Speed. It surprised me that he was so easily compliant. He was very cute (Full Speed, not the manager, just to be clear).

When the cake arrived, Full Speed immediately dove in. He was stabbing the cake with glee and managing to get enormous chunks on his fork and somehow ably shoving these entire pieces into his little mouth. Cake was everywhere.

If the amount of mess Full Speed left on the table was any indicator of how much fun we had, then I can safely say, it was a complete success.

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Full Speed Attacks

We had my friends over for the Superbowl. The boys were certain they were coming only to see them. Full Speed asked obsessively throughout the day when they would arrive. When the doorbell finally rang at 5:00, both boys cheered and ran to the door. Before he knew it, my friend’s husband was designated as Full Speed’s new wrestling partner. While he was sitting watching the game, Full Speed ¬†would back up a few feet, run full-tilt at him and hurl his little body. My friend’s hubby, who thankfully was up for all of this, would catch him with one arm and hold him up high over his head. Full Speed thought this was the best time ever.

While all this nonsense was going on, my friend and I were critiquing the fashions from the Grammy’s (can you sense how deeply invested we were in the Superbowl’s outcome?), and of course we had to mention Lady Gaga’s outrageous get-up. So the next time Full Speed launches himself in the air, my friend’s husband doesn’t quite fully catch him and he falls towards the ground. It appears as if he is going to scream some sort of curse word (I had my fingers crossed that it would be mild like ‘shoot’ or ‘ouch’) as he is sailing through the air. Instead of using a bad word he screams out “LA-DEE GAAAA_ GAAAAH!” and lands in a heap of giggles.

Next time you stub your toe or the like, try it out. It works like a charm, even if you aren’t wearing platform heels and a barbed-wire hat.