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My morning was a little stressed. As the boys continued to fight and scream in the car I made a conscious effort to breathe. If they pick up on my stress surely they will pick up on my zen. I inhaled deeply and waited. They seemed only to get louder. I exhaled slowly certain my inner calm would infuse the car with peace. They escalated. I lost it. I screamed at the top of my lungs. The result? Two boys that thought that Mom was hilarious. Shockingly this only increased their rowdiness.

I give up.

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It’s official.  The internal struggle is over.  I am ready for the boys to start school.  This home stretch to their first day is taking a toll.  Every day I strive to keep them physically active.  Every day I work with them to keep their minds growing.  Every day I make sure all of their needs and most of their demands are met. 

I am doing my part.  Apparently it is not enough.  No matter how much I have planned I get asked by the boys ‘What are we doing next?’ about 557 times a day. 

If I get asked one more time today this same question I’m pretty sure my head is going to explode.

Believe me the irony will not be lost on me when after it explodes I will have to clean up the mess myself. 

Inevitably one or both boys might say, “After you are done cleaning up that mess, Mom, what are we doing next?”

bad day, humor, mommyhood, motherhood, parenting


At what age can I safely take my very active boys to a store and not have that semi-sinking feeling in my gut?  Will I ever be able to run a quick errand with them or will they always, always end up in some sort of time-out by the end of t?  Will they ever let me pay in peace?  Is there a time when I can walk through a parking lot and not have extreme anxiety that one of my flibbertigibbet boys will get maimed or smooshed?

Is it me or is it quite normal to say these questions aloud when there is no one around to listen?

Was today a good day?

Will tomorrow be better?

Will I make it through?


Maybe not…

This is the million dollar question.

bad day, children, humor, kids, mommyhood, motherhood, parenting


I was reading some headlines on the computer when one caught my eye.  It listed 10 signs that children are gifted.  Of course being a parent I was inclined to read it.  They were fairly non-specific and I didn’t leave it with any real sense of whether or not Full Speed and/or T.Puzzle fit the bill.  I then imagined a ‘gifted’ list that would fit my boys to a T.

1.  Throws raging tantrums at fifteen months until the age of five.

2. Believes themselves to be in charge when all evidence points otherwise.

3. Displays episodes of extreme hyperactivity.

4.  Won’t back down from any challenge, imposed discipline or confrontation without a fight.

5.  Fiercely independent.

6. Remembers the tiniest details and won’t ever let you forget them.

7.  Strong-willed doesn’t even began to cover their temperament.

8.  Believes themselves to always, always be right and will argue until they are blue in the face to convince you of their rightness.

9.  Asserts their needs loudly, strongly and often.

10.  Wears down their Mommy until she is certain she can’t remember her own name, where she lives or what she is doing.

Keep in mind this list was written while T.Puzzle was in his room screaming at length because he kept telling me ‘no!’ all morning long and had engaged in his new favorite past-time of ‘run-away-from-Mommy-in-the-parking-lot’.

Thankfully, I’m gifted at discipline.

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Summer Changes

For most of us in my neighborhood, today is the first official day of summer vacation.  As the usual group of moms gathered outside the main exercise room at the gym, the stories of motherly frustration began to flow.  There were kids who refused to get up, who didn’t want to eat breakfast and who kicked and screamed all the way to the gym kid zone. 

We are all in the same boat.  Summer will be a fun change of pace but there will be some bumps in the road.

My favorite comments were from a Mom who has a grown daughter.  She said that frustration is part of being a mother.  The moms you have to watch out for are the ones who say their kids are “perfect” and everything about motherhood is “easy” and “always wonderful”.   

It’s okay to lose patience with your children as long as you don’t pretend that you never have.