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Winner Takes it All

In recent months I have made the conscious choice to try to see the bright side of parenting. Most days I do a pretty good job of staying positive and counting my blessings.  And, most days my boys give me plenty of reasons to do so. This weekend however, I couldn’t muster the strength to keep this positivity thing going.  I live in a culture of competition.  Literally, everything is a competition.  My boys can turn the art of teeth brushing into a competitive sport.  Combine this with the way they handle losing (badly is putting it extremely mildly) and it’s a lot to handle.  And let’s just say Mad Dog’s win-at-all-costs mentality only seems to stoke my boys’ fire.  When a family trivia game turned into an all-out meltdown, I was about ready to throw in the towel.  In that moment of seeing Full Speed rage about not knowing an answer to a question, it made me realize finding something positive was going to be a real challenge for me.

If I’ve learned anything over the past years it’s that winners don’t quit.  We may get knocked down, we may have our dreams of a quiet family game night dashed, but we always get back up, get that game board back out and throw down.

Maybe winning is everything.

Sure, they are all sweet and adorable until they,... aren't.
Sure, they are all sweet and adorable until they,… aren’t.
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Have Smack-Down, Will Travel

Table football (Bonzini style table).
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We were at the gym as a family.  Even though Full Speed grumbled over having to go to the kids’ zone it was still a mostly successful outing.  As we were wrapping things up to head to lunch, Mad Dog received a work call.  While he was resolving the issue at hand, I grabbed the boys and headed to the foosball table in the gym’s common area.   The game between the boys started off nicely enough and then their competitive spirit had things heading south in a hurry.  A physical altercation was brewing and I saw some karate chops to the head in T.Puzzle’s near future. When Mad Dog was finally able to join us he made the snap decision that we needed to get out of there fast.  I didn’t see the hurry because my boys are going to be crazy no matter where they are.  Foosball table or not, smack-downs will happen.  Mad Dog completely agreed with me (smart man).  However, he thought it was best to relocate to a place where nobody would recognize us.

Good call.

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Chair Diving

What’s a Mom to do to entertain her youngest while her older child attends a soccer camp?



Art projects?

Been there, done that.

T.Puzzle has since moved on to chair diving.

On the bright side, no furniture, glasses or limbs were broken during the filming of this video:

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Coast to Coast

This soccer season has not reached the level of success that Mad Dog’s and Full Speed’s first season did.  I’m being kind here.

I know, I know, it’s not suppose to be about the winning.  It’s suppose to be about the learning and the teamwork, right? 

Who are we kidding?  It’s about the winning.

Sometimes it physically pains me to watch my boys go down in the flames of defeat.  It pains me even more when Mad Dog is in a less than cheerful mood for several hours following another heart wrenching loss.

There are some positives.  I will never tire of watching Full Speed never tire of running the field during games.  His new nickname is ‘Coast to Coast’ because the kid never backs down and will be wherever the ball is at any given moment.  It is a sight to behold. 

Full Speed gets set to head Coast to Coast.

Watching T.Puzzle evolve from the first game has been humorous and heartwarming.  The first several games he sort of ran near the ball but he didn’t like to actually come into contact with it.   Now, he’s mastered some legitimate blocks as goalie and on more than one occasion got a foot on the ball while in play.  These were proud moments for me.

Mad Dog helps T.Puzzle toss in bounds.

Looks like I’m officially a soccer Mom.

Maybe I’m evolving too.

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Tag, You’re It

Full Speed brought home a P.E. calendar that has an activity per day on it.  The goal is to complete each activity and then turn in the calendar at the end of the month for a surprise.  As Full Speed’s mother I’m all over this.  Anything that can be used to channel his energy for good and not evil is always a plus with me.

One such listed activity is play tag with friends.


Full Speed wanted Miss Cutie and Cute Baby to come over.

Even better.

Since T.Puzzle is still on restriction as his eyes heal, tag would be indoors.  I knew these girls, who are both very good at keeping up with my guys, wouldn’t necessarily increase the craziness level of what I presumed would be a raucous game of tag.

Unfortunately, the girls had other plans.  I relayed this to Full Speed and he rolled with it.

“That’s okay, Mom.  I’ll just play tag with my brother because he is my friend, too.”

Well said, Full Speed.  Well said.