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Eye Know

Our day was a success. Full Speed had his best eye test to date and little T.Puzzle has the greenlight for his lens removal surgery for his left eye.

I also uncovered the secret to getting exceptional behavior from little T.Puzzle. Simply send his big brother to spend the night over at Grandma’s. Little T.Puzzle is relishing the spotlight without his brother’s extremely strong presence to shift my focus. Of course I am being overly attentive to his every move, need and breath. I guess that’s what a pending surgery for your youngest kid will do to a mom.

I have a good feeling about it all. Then again, having seen his big brother attain 20/40 vision in his stronger eye (20/50 in his other eye!) when he was initially considered legally blind, I know anything is possible.

Possibilities are what will get us through this. For that I am certain.

Good luck, little T.Puzzle. We love you and wish you a speedy recovery!

I will post updates when I am able. Wish us luck!

children, gratitude, mommyhood

The Trade-Off

After the incident I had with little T.Puzzle at Target last week, let’s just say I was less than enthusiastic about spending another whole day alone with the little instigator. I had some stuff to do around the house and then I planned to take him on a bike ride to the park. I had zero plans to take him to a public place, especially since I’m certain we are now on Target’s ‘watch list’. One look at us and the employees of Target would swiftly escort off the premises.

little Frick looks for frogs at our neighborhood nature spot

He actually was pretty good. He made a friend at the park which always helps. They were roughly the same age. It was fascinating to watch little T.Puzzle establish boundaries with this kid. He is so used to be pummeled and harassed by his big brother Full Speed, that he is always on high alert. If his new friend so much as tapped his back, little T.Puzzle looked like he was going to bring on a full assault. He quickly learned that this new kid was harmless and his Mom and I watched in delight as they ran circles around the park and each other. We were hopeful this was setting the stage for great naps for both.

When it was time to leave, which is my least favorite part of doing pretty much anything with little T.Puzzle, he refused to put his helmet on. He was so adamant about this that while he was arguing with me (and I wasn’t arguing back), I quietly placed him in his seat, strapped him down and started home. So, he didn’t have his helmet on for the five blocks home but I did get him back in his seat without him trying to karate chop my head off. Not a bad trade-off I suppose.