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That’s Entertainment

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It is customary for my boys to have a snack before bedtime.  This can be done while viewing a show or if I am doing the nighttime routine solo, I prefer the boys have their treat in the kitchen (logistically easier to manage and clean).

Heading into our usual nighttime ritual, I put Full Speed in the shower downstairs.  As he careened out of the stall upon shower completion (bathing makes him insanely energetic as does pretty much anything like breathing, eating and just generally being alive), he shouts over his shoulder, “What’s my treat for tonight?”

Despite his extreme spasticity, he had the wherewithal to notice that T.Puzzle was already headed to the kitchen table to get his Cheerios.  Full Speed was dying to know what he was going to have.

“Your treat is that I am your mother,” I deadpanned.

He was shocked into silence (score!).

Ah, the power of a good smart aleck remark.  Mostly I use these kind of statements for good and sometimes just for my own entertainment. Clearly, my social calendar could use some serious resuscitation.

And, for the record, Full Speed not only got the continued wonder of having me as his mother, but he got some cookies, too (much to his relief).

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The Informant

By the later afternoon, little T.Puzzle understood the necessity of keeping his eye shield in place. He also realized that he could make his way in the world without his glasses. It wasn’t ideal, but he could manage.

However, as bedtime approached he was adamant that he didn’t want to wear the shield to bed. Well, too bad because it’s doctor’s orders.

I turned to my greatest ally.

“Full Speed, make sure little T.Puzzle keeps his shield on at bedtime and through the night. You let Mom and Dad know if he tries to take it off.”

In this instance, it helps tremendously to have a big brother willing to rat his little brother out over the slightest infraction.

Full Speed shows T.Puzzle who’s in charge in a wrestling match a few weeks ago.

“Yes, ma’am!” Full Speed replied.

Full Speed was as good as his word and little T.Puzzle kept that shield in place all night.

One night down, several more to go.

With Full Speed on my side, I know we can do it!