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Pebbles Lost

Why, even after all these years, do I think I can take both boys on a simple errand and actually think it could be simple?

I had already had a successful Walmart run with little T.Puzzle in the a.m. (this in itself is nearing miraculous) but in my haste had forgotten a couple items. I figured I’d scoop Full Speed up from camp and head with both boys to the grocery to get the remainder of my list.

When all was said and done they were banished to their rooms and lost pebbles out of their reward jars for their embarrassing display of awful behavior.


Well, I just lost my marbles…

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Goodish Things Will Happen

As I was getting little T.Puzzle dressed for the day, he is always curious to know what kind of character underpants he is going to wear. He is delighted when the characters are Thomas the Train related.

“Don’t peep or poop on Thomas!” he exclaims. I love that he says peep. It never fails to entertain me. I will be sad when he finally figures that one out.

Our day was action-packed as usual. We started at the sprinklers, headed out for pizza and then topped it off with Target. Mad Dog even had additional plans for our evening but I quickly nixed them. I told him I needed a break.


He then offered to take the boys to the grocery. This left me with some peace and quiet.


When my trio of men returned, Full Speed was the first one through the door.

“What kind of report am I going to get from your Dad?” I asked referencing his and little T.Puzzle’s behavior at the store.

“Goodish and badish, Mom.”

It was goodish that he told the truth I guess.