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A Cut Above

For every child there are rites of passage.  As they inch closer and closer to adulthood, they experience life in new and exciting ways.  There’s the first time they walk and talk.  There’s the first time they swim without water wings, ride a bike without training wheels and learn to read on their own.  The list goes on and on.

Then, there’s the first time they cut their hair all by themselves.


When T.Puzzle came home sporting this fabulous new ‘do, I asked him how he managed to pull it off without being noticed.

“Don’t worry Mom.  Only the little people saw me.  I made sure the teacher wasn’t watching.”

He was so proud of himself on so many levels.  He entertained his classmates, he manage to make his hair look weird and the teacher missed the whole deal.

Clearly he’s stylish and smart.

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Right On

Mad Dog and I were trying to coordinate the evening.  He was driving back from getting a haircut with Full Speed when he was finally able to get a hold of me.

“Sorry, about that.  I was just talking to my boss,” Mad Dog explained as to why he couldn’t take my call a few minutes ago.

We then went on to discuss what needed to picked up at the grocery and the final details of dinner.  Full Speed was in the backseat listening intently to Mad Dog’s end of the conversation.

When our call ended Mad Dog turned his attention to Full Speed who by this time had a burning question.

“Dad?  Is Mom your boss?”

Even though Full Speed misunderstood our phone exchange, I think all Moms would agree with me that technically speaking, he was actually very, very right.

good grief


I’m sad. Some days I feel happy, some days I feel confident and that anything is possible (like yesterday when I started my blog), and some days I am downright moody. My moods change like the wind. I’m all four seasons in one day. Usually, when a sad cloud blocks my sun, it takes a little bit of work on my part to find my way again. Then the cycle starts anew.

My Mom died in March. She was 67 years old. Our relationship was not without complications as so many mother/daughter relationships are. I miss her every day even if we didn’t always see eye to eye.

Since the loss of my Mom I have decided to grow my hair out. I’ve had the quintessential angled bob that everyone seems to have had in the past 2-3 years. I’m about the same age as Posh Spice, who claims to have started that trendy, angled cut, and my husband is a soccer player nicknamed Mad Dog (okay, so he played it in high school but he was really, really good or so I’m told). Posh is a little more attractive, well, maybe, a lot more attractive and a tad more financially sound. Her husband has also been slightly more successful at making soccer his lifetime career than my husband. That’s not my point. It’s the haircut.

For the past two years that was the haircut my Mom saw me have. She had seen me give birth to my second son (T.Puzzle) and attempt to juggle my new baby, older son (Full Speed), a dog, a marriage and a move. I have come to identify with the haircut. I was going to be a sassy short-haired girl indefinitely. It fits me like a glove.

Then my Mom died, my world stopped and I decided to grow my hair out.

My hair is definitely longer now. I can put it in a tiny, desperate pony tail. The longer my hair grows, the farther I am from the point at which my Mom last knew me. That is making me sad….today.