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Amazing Energy

hard at work, or something like that

The energy disparity between me and my boys has always been quite extreme.  Since my wisdom tooth debacle and following slow recovery, this energy chasm has widened.

As I slowly walked the boys over to a friend’s house to see if she could come over to play, I was amazed by two things.  The first being that since it was my first time outside in almost two weeks, the air seemed lighter and the sky seemed brighter even though it was drizzly with rain.  The second, as my boys rocketed ahead of me at intense speed, was how much faster they move through life than me.  Even when I was small and filled with that natural energy little people possess, I always stuck close to my Mom and was extremely introverted and quiet.  An exciting day for me consisted of listening to my ‘Annie‘ movie soundtrack, doing arts and crafts and lots of time spent alone in my own imaginary, wonder-filled world.   My boys are so different.  They are outgoing, boisterous and love anything rough and tumble.

Today it didn’t matter to me.   Yes, I’m the lady in the neighborhood with the two wild boys.

And that is perfectly fine with me.

In fact, it’s kind of amazing.

children, gratitude, happiness, kids, mommyhood, motherhood, parenting

The Movies

Yogi Bear and Boo Boo, 2010
Image by erjkprunczyk - Happy New Year! via Flickr


Mad Dog and I took the boys to see ‘Yogi Bear’.  If I’m being completely honest, sitting through children’s fare, especially the type common to theaters in recent years, can be a bit taxing on your sense of sanity.

I tried to keep an open mind to the inanity of it all. 

When my attention wasn’t captured by the movie, which was most  of the time, I quickly became absorbed in thought.  How could I change my perspective and appreciate this movie, this experience and this moment? 

Well, it helped a ton to hear the unfiltered giggles emitting from each boy on either side of me.  It also wasn’t the worst kid’s movie I’ve had to sit through either.

I couldn’t maintain a zen outlook the whole time.  In the moments I could, I sat back and was more content to watch Full Speed and T.Puzzle enjoy their cinematic adventure.  And enjoy it they did.

I counted myself lucky that we live close to a theater, had gift certificates to pay our way (thank you, Grandma and Grandpa!) and Mad Dog available to join us.

The movie didn’t end up on any of my top ten lists,  but the company was divine.

That in itself was worth the price of admission.

children, gratitude, happiness, life in pictures, mommyhood, motherhood, parenting

Happy Birthday, T.Puzzle

T.Puzzle turns four today!

My baby is now officially in big boy territory.  Let’s hope like his brother before him, this increases his awesomeness tenfold.  Let’s leave the terrible ones, twos and threes behind us forever.

The birth of a child is always a vivid memory.  T.Puzzle’s stands out because I went into labor (after a solid month of miserably contracting for no reason) on the night of our third wedding anniversary.  I was in complete denial.  I can even remember the clothes I was wearing in great detail.  That’s mainly because I was so huge (T.Puzzle ended up being a healthy 9lb 7oz), I only had one semi-dressy maternity outfit that fit me reasonably well.  Black pants, with a huge amount of stretch no less, and a long-sleeved black tunic with red and white dots to top off this stylish ensemble. Pregnancy is certainly not about the fashion.

When I realized that the Braxton Hicks I was having were actually closer to the real deal, we went to the hospital where I continued to deny I was in labor.  I even got to watch an episode of Sex and the City on TBS as we waited to see if I dilated more.

Eventually, I couldn’t deny it any longer.  T.Puzzle came into this world and screamed louder than any newborn I have ever known.  I remember thinking, ‘baby, you’re suppose to be my easy one,’ and this only seemed to increase his volume.

Easy or not, he is the best second kid anyone could hope for.

Happy  birthday, T.Puzzle.  I love you!

children, gratitude, happiness, life in pictures, mommyhood

Never Gonna Happen

Baby D

My sister’s trip is winding down and I am sad. To top it off, Mad Dog left at the crack of dawn on a work trip. It was hard to get out of bed with my usual chipper attitude (not true, I always have a bad, early morning attitude so at least I was consistent).

T.Puzzle’s third birthday was a lot of fun. Soccer Girl and Sparkle joined in the celebration and you will notice in the picture that Full Speed had a slightly sour demeanor (it’s tough having your little bro’ take center stage).

All day long T.Puzzle talked a big game about his cupcake with sprinkles but when it came right down to it, he cringed in fear when it was time to eat. Since he has an egg allergy most cakes and cookies are foreign to him. The irony was not lost on me that I would slave all morning in the kitchen only to have him turn his nose up at the final product. I did eventually coax him into trying it and then he pretty much inhaled it. I hope he enjoys the ones I sent to school with him. I’m curious to find out if he ate them or thought they were weird.

Full Speed turned up the energy for presents. He was super ‘helpful’ in opening and playing with all of his little brother’s new toys. T.Puzzle handled this ‘helpfulness’ well which was impressive.

The best present of course is the fact that we could all be together to share in the celebration. However, trying to explain that to a three year old, especially a three year old like T.Puzzle, is like asking him to poop on the potty (i.e.-never gonna happen!).