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Silly Me

T.Puzzle’s hair is in a slightly awkward state.  A few millimeters of growth and it will improve dramatically.  Or, you could go Mad Dog’s preferred route and shave it all off again.  I decided to wait it out.

Since it was picture day at T.Puzzle’s school I had to take matters into my own hands.  I agonizingly shellacked his hair into place.  By the time school drop-off rolled around, his hair started to fuzz back into its original shape.  It wasn’t great but I smoothed it down best I could, fretted that it wouldn’t be picture-perfect and went on my way.

Not an hour later the school calls to tell us there was an ‘incident’.  T.Puzzle ran smack dab into a door, hit his head and was minorly injured.  However, a line had formed on his forehead in the precise spot his head connected with the door.  I was told it was red and puffy, too.  This happened right before pictures of course.

Silly me.  And I was worried his hair would be mussed.


Thankfully, by day's end, the injury had faded significantly.


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Before I get back to my regular observation and report of my daily life with the boys, I have to share how our recent family vacation started.

It started in the emergency room of course.

Good times.

My sister and her family arrived around one in the afternoon on their first day here. Kids were running here and there, adults were attempting to converse and Full Speed was taking his energy to a whole new level. He was beyond spastastic.

As the gang (I call them a gang because they clearly outnumbered the adults) of kids began the customary running loop at the center of our house, Full Speed gets into a rumble with a stationary door and loses.


His head hits the edge of the door with a sick thud, he drops to the floor and starts screaming. I take one look at the bulging, bloodied mass forming on his forehead and nearly vomit (seriously!). You could actually see his blood pulsing furiously through the huge, goose-egged bump.

And off to the emergency room we go. My visiting family had only been with us roughly 30-45 minutes before this happened.

Welcome to my world, Family. Welcome to my world…

Full Speed’s injury about two hours after initial impact. By this time the swelling had gone down considerably and his energy and spunk had returned. No concussion and no stitches needed thankfully.