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Jumping Jacked Up

After little T.Puzzle’s weekend meltdown (and mine, too), he woke up from his nap absolutely miserable. Mad Dog and I braced ourselves for a bumpy evening. All you had to do was look at little T.Puzzle and he would burst into tears.

After dinner to get us through until bedtime, we decided to watch Karate Kid 3 as a family. Then the craziest thing happened, little T.Puzzle was completely rejuvenated. In a matter of about 2 minutes he went from sitting quietly on a chair to full-blown mayhem. It was bizarre. It’s not like Mad Dog and I haven’t seen outrageous behavior before, it’s the extreme turnaround that was mystifying.

He was jumping on the couch, dancing around and singing at the top of his lungs. We would try to redirect him but then he would bust into spontaneous jumping jacks.

It was too much.

All I wanted was to sit and snuggle with my boys at the end of the day.

Little T.Puzzle’s outrageousness made me sigh.

A lot.

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Before I get back to my regular observation and report of my daily life with the boys, I have to share how our recent family vacation started.

It started in the emergency room of course.

Good times.

My sister and her family arrived around one in the afternoon on their first day here. Kids were running here and there, adults were attempting to converse and Full Speed was taking his energy to a whole new level. He was beyond spastastic.

As the gang (I call them a gang because they clearly outnumbered the adults) of kids began the customary running loop at the center of our house, Full Speed gets into a rumble with a stationary door and loses.


His head hits the edge of the door with a sick thud, he drops to the floor and starts screaming. I take one look at the bulging, bloodied mass forming on his forehead and nearly vomit (seriously!). You could actually see his blood pulsing furiously through the huge, goose-egged bump.

And off to the emergency room we go. My visiting family had only been with us roughly 30-45 minutes before this happened.

Welcome to my world, Family. Welcome to my world…

Full Speed’s injury about two hours after initial impact. By this time the swelling had gone down considerably and his energy and spunk had returned. No concussion and no stitches needed thankfully.
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100 Degrees of Love

I discovered the holy grail of sports for spirited children: soccer.

The soccer field is the one place where it is socially acceptable to run all over the place like a crazy person. Full Speed has yet to master some of the basics but what he lacked in execution he made up for in commitment. He had the most energy of anyone out there.

That is until the third game. These poor kids were running around in 100+ heat and had lost their swagger by then. One mom shouted out an ice cream bribe to get the offense moving again. By this time all three of our players wanted to guard the goal and forget about chasing the ball down to the opposing side to score. Too hot and too far.

I won’t say if we won or lost, that’s not part of this league unfortunately. As Full Speed’s ¬†coach, Mad Dog’s competitive streak does not appreciate this aspect very much. I will say our team dominated (as much as you can at the 4-6 year level) making it very fun to watch.

Mad Dog supervises as Full Speed gets ready to attack from the right

This is my first real taste of watching Full Speed play competitive sports. I’m guessing it will be the first of many seasons of many varieties of sports. For a mom who knows little to none about soccer, makes me think it must be the love of my kid that I’m there. He is awfully cute.

Believe me it certainly wasn’t because of the weather.

Go Full Speed, Go!

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Graduation Day

I’ve always known that Full Speed eats up being the center of attention. I’ve always known he likes to make people laugh. What I didn’t know is that you put this kid in front of a large audience and he goes crazy.

For his pre-k graduation ceremony his class had to perform a peanut butter and jelly dance. Full Speed stole the show. The more animated he danced, the more the crowd roared with laughter. The adoration of the crowd only inspired him to dance with more zeal.

After the ceremony I had parents and grandparents come up to me and Mad Dog and actually comment on his show-stopping performance. He even had a Dad in the parking lot ask him to show off his dance moves again.

A star is born.