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The Movies (Again!)

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The holidays went by at the speed of light. 

We capped off our family vacation with an outing to see the movie ‘Tron’.

At first we were unsure if it was appropriate for T.Puzzle.  He had mentioned being scared about going to see it.

On the morning of, we pulled him aside and asked him if he wanted to go.

“I do.  I’m all growed up now.  I want to see Tron.”

His only request was that he wanted to sit by his brother in case he got scared.

Apparently, Full Speed has become quite a protector.

As we pulled into the theater parking lot, it started to drizzle.

T.Puzzle wanted to race to the entrance.  “Hurry!  Hurry or we might melt!”

Full Speed said, “Are you made of sugar or are you a Wicked Witch?”

“No,” replied T.Puzzle.

“Then you won’t melt!”


I ran like crazy being 100% sugar and all.