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Clear Heart, Clear Lungs?

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Poor little T.Puzzle.

You know he would pick his first week of Christmas break to come down with a bronchial virus.

He is finally showing real signs of recovery.  Hopefully he will lose his old man’s smoker’s cough soon, too.

He has been a trooper.  Even the night that we ended up on the family room couch at 2am as I held him upright to stave off the cough, he kept a bright outlook.  He kept worrying that my feet weren’t covered and periodically rearranged our throw blankets that I had tossed haphazardly on top of us.

I was grateful for a reason to smile in my tired early morning haze.

So, maybe our plans for Christmas break have been slightly thwarted.

At least we are together, we have a roof over our heads and we have love in hearts.

Next up?

Clear lungs I hope!

children, health, mommyhood, motherhood, parenting

The Spontaneous Nap

There is a positive side to raising overly active children.  Honest.  I knew with out a shadow of a doubt that T.Puzzle was feeling under the weather.  He had a pretty good morning and was keeping up with Full Speed.  After lunch we were seated at our dining room table about to work on some fine motor activities.  T.Puzzle politely excused himself from the table.  He went to the nearest couch, laid down, and was asleep within two minutes.

sleep tight!

Turns out he had a temperature of 102 and went on to have miserable, sad evening.  I motrined him up and put him to bed at six.

If only we all could sleep 13 hours straight.  I bet the world would be a better place if we did.