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The Screening

All was going great. Little T.Puzzle had been dropped off and Full Speed had been amply prepped for this morning’s scheduled kindergarten screening. I talked it up big time. We were going to have an adventure going to his new school, meeting one of his possible teachers and answering questions about how smart he was. Full Speed thought it all sounded ‘cool’.

No sooner had I sat down to complete some paperwork and his screening was complete. The teacher said he did a wonderful job and he was beaming.


Then, as I took him to his summer camp he excitedly explained the screening process to his camp counselors. They were happy to listen but also a little sad at how much Full Speed  has grown-up and that he will be leaving them to start kindergarten in two weeks.

Their sadness was too much.

Full Speed looks at them, then looks at me and bursts into tears. This is extremely out of character for my little go-getter. Me and a counselor took him into the hall and calmed him down. He shook it off quickly and headed back to his classroom for his snack.

But the real question remains, who is going to calm ME down as Full Speed’s kindergarten start date approaches??