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Setting the Bar Low

Sometimes I exasperate myself wishing my boys would pay attention to me.  It’s frustrating when you instruct your kid to put their dirty laundry in the utility sink (located conveniently in the laundry room), and instead, it winds up in an unsanitary heap in your kitchen sink.  Yuck.  The only way I can remotely relate to this lack of attention to detail, is when Mad Dog spouts off some football score that I am specifically supposed to tell the boys about in the morning.  Of course, the first thing they ask me when bounding downstairs is, “Mom, did they win?”  I respond with a quick, “Sure!” and then a moment later, realize that no, such and such team did not win.  “Sorry, guys, but I meant to say they lost.”

“Well, what was the score, then?” they chime together.

Whoa!  I’m supposed to remember who won AND the score?

I think it might be helpful if everyone took a deep breath and lowered their expectations.  Then again, dirty laundry in my kitchen sink?  Really?

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Washed Up

Having been away from home for several days, I was glad to get back to my boys.  There’s something about routine and familiarity that can cushion an aching soul from the ups and downs of life. 

However, I was not glad to get back to laundry.

While I was away, a strange thing happened.  Mad Dog became slightly obsessed with keeping the house clear of dirty laundry.  He even promptly threw the boys’ swim wear in the washer when they returned from their lesson. 

I don’t know how long he will continue this obsession.

My guess it will be as short-lived as my absence.

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This Is Why

I know as a parent you are supposed to be teaching your children life skills.   These skills can vary to the emotionally complex or be as simple as picking up dirty socks.  I think the latter is the easier to teach on most days.

However, Full Speed and T.Puzzle have not yet learned how to help me with laundry and this is why….

At least I have something entertaining to watch as I sort through the boys’ socks that have successfully migrated to the laundry hamper (fingers crossed!).

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Rockin’ Thursday

It’s amazing how quickly we adapt to what life throws at us.  Mad Dog is in full swing as ‘Mr. Mom’ and has perfected a seamless morning routine with the boys.  Apparently, Full Speed is in charge of helping T.Puzzle put on the clothes that Mad Dog has laid out from the night before.  Full Speed does well with this until it’s time for the pants.  He has to count to three and as T.Puzzle jumps,  Full Speed attempts to pull T.Puzzle’s  pants the rest of the way up.  The key is timing and yanking the pants precisely when T.Puzzle has reached mid-flight.   I have yet to see this in person, but I can hear an awful lot of commotion coming from the boys’ room as this new ritual takes place.  It sounds highly entertaining.

I am adapting by setting my daily goals very low. 

Today, I did a load of laundry.

What’s next? 

I may get wild and crazy and shower.

Clean clothes AND a clean me? 

Talk about a rockin’ Thursday.

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A Clean Conscience

It has been a gorgeous weekend.  I have been outside with the boys watching them play in our cul-de-sac for hours and hours.  Our neighbors have been out to keep us company.

I asked my one neighbor if Mad Dog calls her to come and talk to me.  That way he can go inside without guilt and watch football.  She claims he does not but her timing seems to coincide with important Buckeye games.

It starts with the boys grabbing their bikes and I’ll start chatting with my neighbor.  Mad Dog silently sidles up to us with a lawn chair and powerade for me.  He casually sets it in the shade as I am a contradictory Florida girl who prefers shade to direct sunlight.  He stands a moment or two and like a henchman for Don Corleone, waits for his boss to nod his dismissal.

I always grant his discharge.  I can’t say it’s without a grudge but it sure beats sitting inside on a gorgeous day watching a football game (in my not-so-humble opinion).

When I was outside this afternoon he not only watched football, he cleaned the house and did laundry.  He’s leaving for a business trip in a few hours and will be gone most of the week.

Clean house, clean conscience I suppose.