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Vacation Lessons

8 Things I Learned on Vacation:

1. Champagne mojitos are the smoothest (and most dangerous) of all the champagne cocktails offered by the Royal Carribean cruise line. Drink them at your own risk because odds are, you will drink a lot of them.

2. If you happen to be on a voyage that is extra rocky, this can work in your favor (remember those champagne mojitos I mentioned?). Whenever anyone asks you why you look so green during your cruise (or after), simply substitute the P.C. word ‘seasickness’ for ‘hungover’ or ‘can’t hold my liquor worth a darn’. Works like a charm.

4. Wine bars in Key West offer the best deals on wine tastings. I learned that a ‘flight’ of wine (which was thought to be three glasses of TINY tastes of wine) will get you shnookered in about ten minutes flat. Note this pic of our table after me, Mad Dog and my in-laws finished our ‘flight’. Best vacation ever!!

5. I am officially a Floridian. I could barely tolerate the chilly winds we experienced on our trip and was only warm after sitting in the Solarium for three straight hours wearing a sweater. Or does that have more to do with just being really old and labeling it as ‘Floridian’. Either way, I was cold!!

6. Open seating for dining is a mixed bag. It forces you to mingle with your fellow passengers. Some are kind and interesting. Some are boorish and borderline obnoxious. And yet there are some that fashion their linen napkins into x-rated objects (true story and thankfully, I have no photographic evidence to back this up).

7. It’s entirely possible to be more in love with your husband than you realize. Having kid-free time with him helps you to understand this. Flights of wine can help this process. I’m just sayin’.

8. I also realized that while my ‘real’ life is action packed and sometimes in unfortunate ways, that I missed it. I missed my boys and thankfully, they missed me (& Mad Dog), too.

It’s good to be home.