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St. Patrick’s Day (the Aftermath)

I survived both classroom parties for the boys (looked at how dazed they are in this post-party pic). It was actually a lot of fun despite what the title of this post implies. Full Speed ¬†was over the moon to have me eat lunch with him and little T.Puzzle danced up a storm for me. I was feeling very thankful to be able to attend both these parties that took place smack-dab in the middle of the day. I know that I write a lot about the challenges of being a stay-at-home-mom so it was nice recognize this perk of my job. It also helped put my kids’ behavior into perspective. Seeing them with a large group of their classmates, I could see that they fall in a mostly normal behavioral range. That was reassuring because when I have just the two of them out in the world, they seem turbocharged compared to their peers. Maybe it will all be okay after all.

Now, the real aftermath of these parties with green-themed food (the rice-crispy treats looked absolutely neon-toxic), will be how long they poop green.

gratitude, happiness, mommyhood

Slice of Life

I’m having lunch with little T.Puzzle. The conversation is getting political. Well,… not really unless favorite pizza toppings are unique to democrats or republicans. Anyway, he’s chowing away on his slice (he is staunchly pro-pepperoni) and he keeps saying something I can’t quite understand. Soon enough I realize he is saying ‘This is delicious!’ over and over. While saying it he is sucking the sauce from the crust and is in absolute heaven.

Life really is best lived when you enjoy its simplicities to the fullest. Here’s to pizza, pepperoni and to my always lively luncheon companion!