Actively Resting

I went to my allergist’s office again this morning because let’s face it, other than my house, this is probably the place I spend most of my time.  It was time for my monthly maintenance shots.  I was dressed in my work-out gear because I always try to be as stylish as possible and/or I had plans to work-out when I returned home.  The nurse noted my clothing choice and advised me not to do anything active for four hours.  Apparently this could raise my blood pressure and cause a systemic reaction while my body is processing the shots.

The real question here is, does laundry/grocery-shopping/cleaning fall in the ‘active’ category?

I’m guessing yes.  Thankfully, blogging is a breeze.

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Eye Will

This week is still not so good.  I think it has less to do with my daily circumstances and more to do with the dark cloud of eye surgery hanging over T.Puzzle’s head.  I know the surgery is technically minor.  I know that his physical pain will be minimal, his psychic pain to be great, that holding him down for 12 eye drops in one eye to be my own personal nightmare and that T.Puzzle coming out of anesthesia can be likened to an angry bear awoken too soon from hibernation.  Aside from all that there is an expectation of hopefully improved vision for T.Puzzle, gratitude that there is someone in the world like Mad Dog to hold my hand through it all, and the life experience to know that whatever comes my way I will handle it.

Seriously, if I gave birth to two rambunctious dudes like Full Speed and T.Puzzle, I have to have at least a small percentage of tenacity in me, right?  Even if I only have a fraction of theirs, I’m going to be just fine (and so will they).

You can count on it.


T.Puzzle checks out the model train in the Children's Clinic lobby.