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End of an Era

Okay.  I understand some kids don’t like to be cuddly.  Even as an infant, it was clear as day, Full Speed didn’t have time to sit still and snuggle.  My Mom even commented that the only way Full Speed would cuddle, was if he didn’t feel well.

T.Puzzle was a refreshing change.  He loved to be held, love to give and receive smooches and generally, enjoyed hugging everyone as much as possible.

That is until he started kindergarten.  Gone are the days of smooching me spontaneously.  There are no more moments of snuggle time in the mornings before we start our day.

I’ll admit, this has been a difficult transition for an emotionally expressive person like myself, but I can respect it.  What I can’t handle is the defiant attitude that has gone along with it.

This morning I had a sit down discussion with him.  He eventually articulated that he doesn’t like to snuggle anymore (sigh).  We have set new ground rules and I will not pester him to cuddle, but in return, he must receive an occasional hug and smooch from me in a gracious manner.

He agreed.

How is it my boys keep easily moving towards independence without my permission?

Then again, when have they ever asked my permission to do anything?

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You & Me

This is why it is good to be a Mommy of a five year old boy.  They have yet to develop a searing need to be completely independent of you.  They miraculously even think you’re pretty cool, too.  And for a woman whose age scale has begun its inevitable tip toward the middle, any accolade of cool is much appreciated.

I took my sort of cool self to Full Speed’s class to volunteer.  It was a perfect way to meet his new teacher, she’s very nice by the way, and see what’s what.  It was an early dismissal day and there was pizza.  I helped with the food, the clean-up and with whatever odds and ends she threw at me.  Full Speed’s classmates were extremely adorable and I had a great time meeting them.

When I asked Full Speed what his favorite part of the morning was he said, “When you came in to visit me.”

And that’s when my ego grew three times its normal size.

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Little Bits of Freedom

Over the weekend Mad Dog and I took the boys to a big, shady park.  The weather is finally starting to be less oppressively humid and outings to parks will be back on our regular agenda.  For Full Speed and T.Puzzle this is a beautiful thing.

It has been a few months since they have been at a park.  They have grown and matured even if I can’t see it fully in our day to day life.  They actually were able to run the park without me having to follow them.  Full Speed had already achieved this status a while ago, but this was the first time we were able to let them both run free.  T.Puzzle was able to physically master all the twists and turns of the convoluted park equipment.  His every movement was no longer precarious and panic-inducing.  He also has a better handle on his emotions so the chance of him physically lashing out at a fellow playground patron has also decreased substantially.  Of course Mad Dog and I didn’t take our eyes off of either of them.  We found a bench under a gorgeous live oak tree and sat back, watched the boys play and had an actual conversation.  

I didn’t know this was possible in a park setting.  I have spent the past years chasing, climbing and begging my boys to behave.  Playdates at the park have consisted of me running around like a crazy person and occasionally lobbing a thought at the Mom who met us there.  We never engaged in a full-length conversation.  The safety of my boys and my constant supervision of them to stop attacks on other kids prevented this.

So, to sit back and watch them have fun and actually feel relaxed was extraordinary.  I guess this is an example of the little bits of freedom parents gradually gain back as their children grow and mature.


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Cute Baby

We had quite an exciting morning.  We hosted Cute Baby so her Mom could take her sister, Miss Cutie, to the doctor.  Full Speed and T.Puzzle were in their entertaining glory.  They quickly decided to build a train track for Cute Baby because every almost-year-old baby girl loves trains, right?

When I picked up Full Speed from kindergarten he asked if Cute Baby was still at our house.  He was bummed out that she had already gone home.

“Could Cute Baby stay with us for a whole week?” he pleaded.

“Well, sweetie, she would miss her Mom too much,” I replied.

“Mom, I could go to Cute Baby’s house for ten weeks and I wouldn’t even miss you!” he said.

So, I did the only logical thing I could.  I made a mental plan to drop him off next Tuesday.