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The Movies (Again!)

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The holidays went by at the speed of light. 

We capped off our family vacation with an outing to see the movie ‘Tron’.

At first we were unsure if it was appropriate for T.Puzzle.  He had mentioned being scared about going to see it.

On the morning of, we pulled him aside and asked him if he wanted to go.

“I do.  I’m all growed up now.  I want to see Tron.”

His only request was that he wanted to sit by his brother in case he got scared.

Apparently, Full Speed has become quite a protector.

As we pulled into the theater parking lot, it started to drizzle.

T.Puzzle wanted to race to the entrance.  “Hurry!  Hurry or we might melt!”

Full Speed said, “Are you made of sugar or are you a Wicked Witch?”

“No,” replied T.Puzzle.

“Then you won’t melt!”


I ran like crazy being 100% sugar and all.

children, gratitude, happiness, kids, mommyhood, motherhood, parenting

The Movies

Yogi Bear and Boo Boo, 2010
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Mad Dog and I took the boys to see ‘Yogi Bear’.  If I’m being completely honest, sitting through children’s fare, especially the type common to theaters in recent years, can be a bit taxing on your sense of sanity.

I tried to keep an open mind to the inanity of it all. 

When my attention wasn’t captured by the movie, which was most  of the time, I quickly became absorbed in thought.  How could I change my perspective and appreciate this movie, this experience and this moment? 

Well, it helped a ton to hear the unfiltered giggles emitting from each boy on either side of me.  It also wasn’t the worst kid’s movie I’ve had to sit through either.

I couldn’t maintain a zen outlook the whole time.  In the moments I could, I sat back and was more content to watch Full Speed and T.Puzzle enjoy their cinematic adventure.  And enjoy it they did.

I counted myself lucky that we live close to a theater, had gift certificates to pay our way (thank you, Grandma and Grandpa!) and Mad Dog available to join us.

The movie didn’t end up on any of my top ten lists,  but the company was divine.

That in itself was worth the price of admission.

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Funny Full Speed

I had agreed a couple days prior to meet some friends and their kids at the movie theater in the evening to see “The Spy Next Door”. Mad Dog was planning on watching a football game and had done so much while I’ve been sick, I wanted to take the boys out to give him a break from us (let’s just say that I have been less than pleasant to be around as of late).

The movie was just okay but Full Speed’s reactions to the fight sequences were the stuff of which legends are made. My girlfriends and I were cracking up at him as he leapt about, shouting, karate-chopping and kicking with whole-hearted enthusiasm. His energy was contagious and since T.Puzzle only gave me minor attitude at the theater, I ended up enjoying the experience immensely. Thank you, Full Speed.

When it was over I linked hands with both boys and headed to the truck. To get my boys loaded, I always start with T.Puzzle’s side, and then while he is climbing in, I get Full Speed seated and buckled.

Since it was pitch black outside except for the intermittent, humming parking lot lights, little T.Puzzle asked if we could go see Christmas lights. Try explaining that the holiday season is over to an unpredictable, moody three year old who has their heart set on ‘Christmas lights!’. It didn’t go well. He was so mad he refused to climb in his car-seat when I opened his door.

“Well, I guess T.Puzzle is just going to get run over, then,” says Full Speed nonchalantly.

That made me laugh all the way home.