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Unbreakable (Kind of)

Full Speed comes down the stairs and informs everyone that he will not be wearing his glasses to give his eyes a ‘break’. Mad Dog asks the obvious question (neither of my boys can go without glasses), “Full Speed, did you break your glasses?”

“Well, maybe a little,” he replies.

Mad Dog goes upstairs to investigate and finds the glasses in the corner of Full Speed’s bed. He places them on Full Speed’s face. The sides of his frames are jutting up at about a 45 degree angle. Saying they are a ‘little broke’ is a gross misrepresentation of the facts.

Fortunately, Mad Dog was able to gently reconfigure the frames into a workable order. If only mischievous behavior could be that easily corrected. I’d be all set.

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Watch Your Step

We are headed to dinner. Full Speed decides he wants to wear an Ohio State pull-over hoodie. No big deal, he just needs to remove his glasses before I help him tug it over his head and arms. He of course carefully places his glasses on the floor right next to where he and T.Puzzle are standing. I quickly admonish him and tell him to hurry up and put his glasses somewhere that they won’t get stepped on. He scrambles to them, scoops them up and races over to the stairs. He then proceeds to gently place them on the lowest step.

Not exactly what I meant.