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The Rec Specs

How many times can an overly active five year old boy pop the lense out of his glasses??

To infinity and beyond.

After the 137th lense pop it was time for a change.

Our optical technician has now used industrial strength glue to hold the lense in place. Our other option was to doggedly pursue the possibility of rec specs for Full Speed. Rec specs are essentially safety glasses that should hold up better during karate sparring and soccer (in theory).

The issue with rec specs is Full Speed’s extremely specialized lense prescription.

The solution? Rec specs that are high-powered yet not as specialized. All parties involved (eye doctor, optician, crazed Mommy and matter-of-fact Dad) said let’s give it shot.

Here is the result:

I’m sorry, but have you ever seen anything more insanely adorable than that?

Then again, check out T.Puzzle’s enthusiasm about Full Speed’s rec specs. He didn’t know why we were celebrating but he was more than happy to jump in the fun:

A good afternoon, indeed!

children, eyesight, mommyhood


There are challenges to raising two very active boys who wear glasses. We are becoming so familiar to the optometrist’s for fittings, fixes and adjustments, it’s like the show ‘Cheers’ (everyone knows our name). Instead of ‘Norm!’ they shout out ‘Full Speed and T.Puzzle!!’ when we come through their doors. ¬†Full Speed’s glasses are by far the most precarious. Between his soccer games and spontaneous wrestling tendencies, one of his lenses keeps popping out of his frames. From experience, once a lens pops, it ain’t never gonna be the same.

All I can do is count myself lucky that the optometrist is nearby and pray for the invention of glasses that are boy-proof.

I think the odds are against us.