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Over It

All Moms are familiar with the phenomenon that when one of your children is out of control, your remaining children become eerily angelic.  This is helpful because having one kid lose it is more than enough.

Then, there are the special days.  The days you are convinced that your children made some sort of evil pact to share the burden of dreadful behavior equally. Those are the days where all you can hope for is that you don’t lose your cool enough that the neighbors alert the authorities in some capacity.

First, it started with T.Puzzle.  He called his brother a ‘diaper head’ and ran screaming away and hid in a corner when I punished him for the name-calling.  I took away all of his stuffed animals and Thomas blanket and he screamed, “You’re mean!” at top volume.  This was later followed by a meltdown about sharing a toy riding car.  I had to carry him kicking and screaming to his room for punishment.

I could already feel how special the day was becoming.

He eventually pulled it together.

Great, I thought.  Now we can enjoy this awesome weather with friends and look forward to our dinner out with Mad Dog.

Post T.Puzzle meltdown. Miss Cutie enjoys the calm and a ride before Full Speed's turn to lose it.

Well,.. Full Speed decided to get in to the act.  He was glorious in his sassiness, which started because he lost a game of Red Light, Green Light.  The unfortunate power struggles and tantrums that ensued culminated in him screaming, “I never want to live in this house again!”  Oh, and he also hit me.  A knock-down, oh-no-he-didn’t veritable knick-knack patty-whack across my back.

We didn’t go to dinner (foiled again!!!), they went to bed so early I’m pretty sure I heard the faint whisperings of the five o’clock news in the background, and I dropped to my knees and prayed to my God (Supernanny) for guidance.

Some days are good, some days you wish you ‘never want to live in your house again!’, and some days are better when they are over.

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A Clean Conscience

It has been a gorgeous weekend.  I have been outside with the boys watching them play in our cul-de-sac for hours and hours.  Our neighbors have been out to keep us company.

I asked my one neighbor if Mad Dog calls her to come and talk to me.  That way he can go inside without guilt and watch football.  She claims he does not but her timing seems to coincide with important Buckeye games.

It starts with the boys grabbing their bikes and I’ll start chatting with my neighbor.  Mad Dog silently sidles up to us with a lawn chair and powerade for me.  He casually sets it in the shade as I am a contradictory Florida girl who prefers shade to direct sunlight.  He stands a moment or two and like a henchman for Don Corleone, waits for his boss to nod his dismissal.

I always grant his discharge.  I can’t say it’s without a grudge but it sure beats sitting inside on a gorgeous day watching a football game (in my not-so-humble opinion).

When I was outside this afternoon he not only watched football, he cleaned the house and did laundry.  He’s leaving for a business trip in a few hours and will be gone most of the week.

Clean house, clean conscience I suppose.

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Pete and Re-Pete

It’s after school, the weather is gorgeous and we are outside playing in the cul-de-sac. The new neighbor boy, who is seven, has anxiously waited for my boys to come home. He seems to enjoy having two, small pseudo-brothers to play with.

They all are on pedal-powered vehicles of all shapes and sizes. They are crashing into each other and having a blast. It’s fun to watch T.Puzzle try to keep up with the big boys. He imitates his brother to perfection. So much in fact that when Full Speed goes kersplat, T.Puzzle slows his trike, leans over and fully commits to falling, too. Pete and Re-Pete that’s what my Mom used to call them. As that thought automatically pops into my head, I pause and think of her. I’m really missing her lately.

pete falls down

I don’t have time to ponder my sadness for long. I am hopelessly attempting to teach T.Puzzle how to pedal, which for some odd reason angers him tremendously. While I am doing this, the aromatic air swishing back towards me indicates he needs a diaper change. We head inside and take care of business. No sooner than we return, Full Speed announces, “I need to poop!” The urgency with which he states this indicates he better move fast. He hesitates because he is scared to go in the house alone. I tell him to get over himself as I have to gather up T.Puzzle who is clear across the way before I can go in. He does, but it’s not without complications.

bike Frack,bikeBy the time I grab T.Puzzle and head inside, Full Speed is running frantically out of the house with his underwear around his ankles near hysterics. “Where were you, Mommy!?! I don’t want to be alone!” I’m feeling exasperated yet slightly amused at watching a half-naked Full Speed attempt to maneuver with the constraints of his underwear around his ankles. Eventually, things calm down and both boys have sparkly-clean tushies.

We go outside. The neighbor boy announces he is Frick, bike Guess what? Pete and re-pete realize at that instant they are parched as well. We all head back inside again, drinks are distributed and I begin to contemplate putting them all in the garage in lockdown.

Once everyone’s thirst has been quenched, we return outdoors. Even though life in general can be cumbersome with small kids, I’m glad we stayed the course and remained outside. To watch them in their glory made my heart smile. I’d repeat that any day of the week.