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A Really Good Week

While Full Speed has been honing his basketball skills at camp this week, T.Puzzle and I have spent much quality time together.  T.Puzzle didn’t make the age requirement for camp so I tried to plan some special things for him and me to do.  Here’s the breakdown along with T.Puzzle’s assessment of the each day:

Monday- Chik-fil-a lunch and play time at the indoor playground

T.Puzzle said, “Monday is a very good day!”

Tuesday- Storytime at the library concluded with an art project

T.Puzzle said, “It was probably a little bit good.”  Apparently the quiet sitting and the craftiness were not truly his thing.

Wednesday- Pool time along with pizza from the Tiki Shack

T.Puzzle said, “This is probably a very awesome day!”

Thursday- bike ride to the park and playing hide and seek with Mom

T.Puzzle said, “I’m getting boring (referring to his boredom over the bike ride), when are we gonna be there?”  As for the rest he highly enjoyed himself.  Here’s a video of him ‘sharing’ a goldfish (his favorite snack) with his Dad.

Friday- We had to stick around home as the laundry situation had reached emergency status.  While Mom tackled the laundry problem, there was still time to read some books together.

T.Puzzle said, “Friday was a really good day.”

I completely agree, except for the laundry part of course.

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Belts VS. Pizza

It was Full Speed’s turn to graduate.  I have less reservations about his involvement in tae kwon do because since the age of three, he has taken to it like a fish to water.  I figure there can’t be any real lasting damage if the kid is having a blast.

As for the adults viewing the nearly two and a half hour long graduation spectacle, I don’t think we fared quite as well (my apologies to Grandma and Grandpa for the extreme time commitment, on a Saturday no less!).  Apparently, we got off easy.  Previous graduations for juniors and above have clocked in at five hours.

Why oh why can’t Full Speed be a Tiny Tiger forever?  One hour graduations for the little kids are the bomb.  And, poor T.Puzzle was beside himself with boredom and hunger near the end of Full Speed’s graduation.  He sounded like a broken record, “Can I get some pizza?  Can I get some pizza?  How about some pizza peeps?”

Full Speed in attack mode as he spars for his belt advancement.

Despite all this, we enjoyed watching Full Speed perform his forms, kicks and punches.  He sparred like a champ and showed great attention and focus.  As for me, I showed great attention and focus, but only when Full Speed was on the mat.  The rest of the time I too, dreamed of pizza (and shopping, and reading and birds and the meaning of life, pretty much anything except tae kwon do).

We join him on the mat for the belt tying ceremony.

Way to go Full Speed!

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A ‘Full’ Life

I took little T.Puzzle for his pre-op physical. He still holds on to an element of three year old unpredictability that makes trips to the doctor more exciting than they should be. When the doctor prepares to examine his mouth, he clamps it shut and throws his hands protectively over his lips.

The doctor switches gears.

“Why don’t I look in your ears instead?” she asks little T.Puzzle.

He immediately shoots both his hands up and theatrically covers his ears. He also manages a sliver of a smile while maintaining a rigidly closed mouth.


The doctor turns to me.

“Looks like someone is really full of it today.”

“He’s pretty much full of it every single day,” I say.

Despite his contrary efforts, Little T.Puzzle passed his physical with flying colors.

Luckily, he’s full of dimples, too, and that has saved him more times that I can count.

Little T.Puzzle prepares to dive into the most ginormous slice of pepperoni pizza I have ever seen courtesy of the Mellow Mushroom.
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Stubborn Streak

Mad Dog surprised the family and came home early enough that we could all go to dinner. We picked the boys up and headed to eat pizza outside. Little T.Puzzle was feeling the unfortunate need to continuously test his limits and by the time dinner was over, Mad Dog had certainly reached his own kind of limit.

T.Puzzle was being difficult and wouldn’t get in the car. He kept locking his legs and simply refused to sit nicely in his car seat. In frustration Mad Dog says to him, “Do you want to go to Box Seats or do you want to go home and go to bed?”

T.Puzzle sticks out a defiant chin and replies, “I want to go home and go to bed.”

Yeah, right! My children and their stubborn streak never cease to amaze and baffle me.

I magnanimously offer to take little T.Puzzle home as I will gladly bypass the sports bar, video car-racing experience. However, both Mad Dog and T.Puzzle relent.


All I know is that if Mad Dog had asked me, I would have chosen to go home and stuck with it.

I guess I’m stubborn, too.

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Slice of Life

I’m having lunch with little T.Puzzle. The conversation is getting political. Well,… not really unless favorite pizza toppings are unique to democrats or republicans. Anyway, he’s chowing away on his slice (he is staunchly pro-pepperoni) and he keeps saying something I can’t quite understand. Soon enough I realize he is saying ‘This is delicious!’ over and over. While saying it he is sucking the sauce from the crust and is in absolute heaven.

Life really is best lived when you enjoy its simplicities to the fullest. Here’s to pizza, pepperoni and to my always lively luncheon companion!