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The Movies

Yogi Bear and Boo Boo, 2010
Image by erjkprunczyk - Happy New Year! via Flickr


Mad Dog and I took the boys to see ‘Yogi Bear’.  If I’m being completely honest, sitting through children’s fare, especially the type common to theaters in recent years, can be a bit taxing on your sense of sanity.

I tried to keep an open mind to the inanity of it all. 

When my attention wasn’t captured by the movie, which was most  of the time, I quickly became absorbed in thought.  How could I change my perspective and appreciate this movie, this experience and this moment? 

Well, it helped a ton to hear the unfiltered giggles emitting from each boy on either side of me.  It also wasn’t the worst kid’s movie I’ve had to sit through either.

I couldn’t maintain a zen outlook the whole time.  In the moments I could, I sat back and was more content to watch Full Speed and T.Puzzle enjoy their cinematic adventure.  And enjoy it they did.

I counted myself lucky that we live close to a theater, had gift certificates to pay our way (thank you, Grandma and Grandpa!) and Mad Dog available to join us.

The movie didn’t end up on any of my top ten lists,  but the company was divine.

That in itself was worth the price of admission.

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‘Dinner’ and a Movie

Our day has been perfection. A day at the beach topped off with a family movie night.

Mad Dog was ever resourceful in creating tonight’s movie cuisine.

Is it considered to be popcorn chicken if Mad Dog throws some chicken nuggets in some bowls of popcorn for the boys’ dinner?

The boys think he’s a genius of course.

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The Best View

This vacation has been pretty spectacular. I think some of the best parts of it have been the unplanned parts. The cabin we are staying in has a huge theater room and we have had many ‘double features’. The kids will watch a movie first and then we will all pile in for a family movie. Of course by the time the grown-ups arrive in the theater room, it is completely littered with popcorn. It’s almost as if the ceiling has opened up and a popcorn rain-shower ensued.

One of the other best parts is the view. The smoky mountains are absolutely beautiful. I’m not sure if I like it so much for the beauty, or for the knowledge that my Mom would have loved this view, too. She always loved the mountains and we will always, always love her.