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My boys love to play attack bubble. Up to this point I have been designated the official bubble maker and distributor of the family. These roles were demanding and draining. I received lots of ‘coaching’ from the boys on how I could increase my bubble production rate and my bubble creativity. I have to say, all the critiques were beginning to burst my bubble.

Then Mad Dog suggested I get an automatic bubble machine.

Life is good.

Let me know what invention or coping mechanism has been a life-saving tool for you. I would like to add fast-food drive thrus, portable DVD players, babysitters and my personal favorite, mango mojitos to my own list.

Long live the bubble machine!
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In Transit

All I can say is whoever invented the portable DVD player (which little T.Puzzle refers to as a DBDB player) is one of my personal heros. The only way to travel with hyperactive children is to load them up with snacks (NOT caffeine) and buy a couple new DVDs. My only wish is that Full Speed came with a volume control or more like a maximum question barometer that I could set to low.

We broke up our nine hour drive and stopped at a hotel in South Carolina. There was a pull-out bed for the boys across the room from our bed. It was late enough that the boys should have been sleeping but not late enough for Mad Dog and myself to turn in for the night. My remedy for this was simple. I approached their bed and told them that in order to get a fancy breakfast in the hotel lobby (which was included in the room price) they had to be quiet. One peep out of them and they would lose this amazing privilege.

They were asleep in ten minutes.

You can tell from these pics that they enjoyed their breakfast immensely (note T.Puzzle’s sassy refusal to face the camera).

We are off to a good start.