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My Puzzling Child

Here is a list of little T.Puzzle’s morning grievances:

1. He not like the shirt I chose for him to wear.

2. He not like the way I did his hair.

3. He not like the pancake I prepared for him (this one brought him to tears).

4. He not like that I said he had to take a nap today.

Well, tough cookies, kid.

He wore the shirt I chose, kept his hair the same, ate the pancake I made and rested quietly.

He eventually got it together and did his favorite activity which is putting together puzzles.

Fortunately for everyone involved, he actually liked those…

children, humor, kids, life in pictures, mommyhood

Genius Ahead

You know how you are pretty certain that your children are gifted, talented and absolutely unique even though they sometimes drive you crazy? There must be some parental filter in our brains that takes in the data of our kids and somehow skews it so we think they are the next Einstein. This is actually a great thing because it helps on the days that all you want to do is pull your hair out in mommyhood frustration.

Of course I’m convinced that little T.Puzzle is some sort of puzzle genius. I also believe that we are really good at the things we love (that is why I only kind of like singing and cooking) and little T.Puzzle clearly loves puzzles.

We are heading into that time of year where if you aren’t at a beach or the by the pool, your tendency is to want to stay indoors to avoid the heat. This of course is a challenge with someone like little T.Puzzle. I bought him a Thomas the Train puzzle to help occupy our day. It has small pieces and is for ages 4-8. Once we got the puzzle home, he worked meticulously and completely unassisted and had it assembled in no time flat.

Of course I thought he was amazing and couldn’t believe his unbelievable tenacity and talent. I went to congratulate him and he announces, “I pooped my pants!”

That brought me down to earth in a hurry. I’m pretty sure when Einstein created all his amazing formulas and theorems, he was in fact, completely toliet-trained.

Looks like there still is a long road ahead to genius.