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A Really Good Week

While Full Speed has been honing his basketball skills at camp this week, T.Puzzle and I have spent much quality time together.  T.Puzzle didn’t make the age requirement for camp so I tried to plan some special things for him and me to do.  Here’s the breakdown along with T.Puzzle’s assessment of the each day:

Monday- Chik-fil-a lunch and play time at the indoor playground

T.Puzzle said, “Monday is a very good day!”

Tuesday- Storytime at the library concluded with an art project

T.Puzzle said, “It was probably a little bit good.”  Apparently the quiet sitting and the craftiness were not truly his thing.

Wednesday- Pool time along with pizza from the Tiki Shack

T.Puzzle said, “This is probably a very awesome day!”

Thursday- bike ride to the park and playing hide and seek with Mom

T.Puzzle said, “I’m getting boring (referring to his boredom over the bike ride), when are we gonna be there?”  As for the rest he highly enjoyed himself.  Here’s a video of him ‘sharing’ a goldfish (his favorite snack) with his Dad.

Friday- We had to stick around home as the laundry situation had reached emergency status.  While Mom tackled the laundry problem, there was still time to read some books together.

T.Puzzle said, “Friday was a really good day.”

I completely agree, except for the laundry part of course.

children, gratitude, happiness, kids, mommyhood, motherhood, parenting

Eye of the Tiger

It finally happened.  Mad Dog now has an office less than five minutes from our house.

Since Mad Dog seems to struggle with work/life balance, this should help him considerably.  I hope he uses his saved commute time for good and not… more work.

Either way, it’s nice to know that he is nearby even if we can’t see him.

T.Puzzle and Full Speed were thrilled as we dropped Mad Dog at his new office.

“When are you taking me to work, Daddy?” asked T.Puzzle.  Apparently working with Dad is pretty amazing.  There’s work, there’s time to play with matchbox cars and don’t forget the best part which is a hot breakfast.

We said our goodbyes and as we drove away I explained that in the evening we would be able to pick up Mad Dog from work and go to dinner as a family.

“It’s a good thing we are going to get him, Mom,” Full Speed said.  “He’s not going to be able to see.”

“Why is that, Full Speed?”

“It will be dark and dangerous.  There might be tigers hiding in the trees that could get him, too.”

I had no idea the neighborhood we lived in is teeming with such danger.

I have called Mad Dog many things (most of them good), but tiger bait, well, that’s definitely a new one.