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Love; the Most Sustainable Resource

I can’t stay crabby forever in the presence of my boys. They are entertaining even if it’s by default.

This morning I asked Full Speed to put some items in our recycle bins in the garage. The point is that he begins to contribute to the upkeep of the house and it lends me a hand. He runs over to the sink, I hand him the items and he exits through the laundry room to what I presume to be the garage. He’s awfully quick and races back to his comfy chair to finish watching ‘Dinosaur Train’ before school.

Mid-morning after Full Speed has been dropped off, I put on Sesame Street for T.Puzzle  and go into our game room (the finished portion of our garage) to workout on the elliptical machine. As I program the machine I glance down and see a piece of cardboard lying next to it. It is the wrapping part of microwave mashed potatoes (yes, I know, I should stop this blog business and write a cookbook) like the kind we had last night. I hop off the elliptical for further investigation. I lean down to peer under the futon we have and what do I find? An empty box, container of milk and diet soda can. Apparently Full Speed couldn’t take the extra four steps to make it to the unfinished portion of our garage where we actually store our recyclables. Before I know it, I’m laughing. That is such typical ‘help’ a five year old boy will give you.


I’m still chuckling as I get back to working out. T.Puzzle lasts about twenty minutes before he comes gallivanting in to ‘workout’ too. This never goes well. He always winds up getting himself into one precarious situation after the next. I problem solve it by putting on a Michael Buble’ video on my iPhone. It was a bonus for downloading his whole album (which is very good).

T.Puzzle loves music and this does the trick. He lies on the floor next to my phone and watches the video over and over. It has got to be one of the cutest things I have ever seen. My heart is warmed and my spirits are lifted. Life cannot possibly be any better than having boys who fill my life with chaos, laughter and most importantly love. We may not always get things right, but we always, always have each other.