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Imagination Run Amok

When I picked up T.Puzzle after his first day back from spring break, his teacher immediately approached me as I entered the classroom.  I had to resist my fight or flight response.  Oh, how I wanted to run away.

She said, “We asked T.Puzzle what he did over break.  He told us he went to Africa.  Of course we didn’t think that was true.  We thought you would have certainly mentioned if you were traveling to Africa.  Then, he kept going with it.  When we asked him how he got there he said by plane.  What did you see there?  Giraffes and zebras.  Where did you stay?  He said he stayed at a hotel.”

Seems little mister had a whole array of imaginary African details.  He had his teachers and even the director of his school convinced for most of the day that we had gone to Africa.

For the record, we did not.

I am amused and frightened by this all at once.  Part of me is impressed a five year old could come up with such a believable, detailed story.  Part of me is very, very concerned.  Mostly I’m curious as to where we will ‘travel’ next.

T.Puzzle dressed as a lion for Halloween when he was a baby. Maybe his African dreams started then?
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Oops, He Did It Again

Underneath the adorable exterior of glasses and dimples lies the heart of lion. And, sometimes that lion feels sassy.

T.Puzzle has consistently been getting good and sometimes even great reports from school.  I think it is reasonable to hope that while T.Puzzle may not get a perfect report every day, the awful reports are firmly planted in the past.

Ha.  Ha.

First, it started with a report that he hit someone on the playground.  The details were sketchy but witnesses placed him at the scene of a physical altercation.  Bad report number two had to do with him pinching a fellow student over a book.  And finally, this is the report that warmed my heart the most, he sassed the teacher (on the upside he had zero incidents of physical violence this day–I’m so proud).  Oh, this isn’t the first time Mr. Man has sassed his teacher in this particular manner.  It went down something like this:

Teacher: “T.Puzzle it’s not time for the Lego center you need to stop playing with them.”

T.Puzzle ignores her and continues his Lego building.

Teacher:  “If you don’t stop right now, you will not be allowed to play Legos this afternoon.”

T.Puzzle:  “It doesn’t matter, my Mom is picking me up early so I won’t even be here for centers.”

This was a true statement.  Sometimes I pick him up early so he can get Full Speed from school with me.  From now on I may be picking him up early to take him to “Mommy and Your Soon-to-be Juvenile Delinquent” classes.

He’s a work in progress…

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Lights Out

This morning at Full Speed’s school there was a black-out.   The timing could not have been worse.  It happened only an hour before the start of school so there was not enough time to notify parents.  A teacher approached us and told us the situation.  Apparently around 7 in the morning a transformer had caught fire and the entire school lost power.  As a Mom of boys the first thought that popped in my head was ‘why was there a Transformer  (i.e. Bumblebee and/or Optimus Prime) on fire and why did it make the whole school go dark?’

I clearly need to get out more.

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A Pick Me Up

We have officially survived the first week back at school.  I realize it is going to take some time to get smoothly back into our routine.  Overall, the boys fared well and we are off to a great start.

One of the challenges of Full Speed’s school is the pick-up and drop-off.  There are over one thousand students at his school and until some kinks get worked out, pick-up especially is kind of a nightmare.  You throw in some good ol’ Florida heat and it can turn miserable pretty quick.  There’s not a lot of shaded areas to stand and wait.  It isn’t very fun.

Full Speed has noticed that this pick-up situation is getting out of hand.  He had a flash of brilliance and announced, “How about I walk home by myself?”  He’s a fairly confident kid and he did his best to keep this thought going.  Then, slowly, the doubt and fear of walking home alone shadowed over his face.  “Well, maybe since I’m in first grade I’m still kind of little and the cars wouldn’t be able to see me.  I might get run over.”

He was so cute trying to problem solve.  He was even more cute when he realized he may not be quite as brave as he initially thought.

So I’m resigned to continue this pick-up for the foreseeable future.  To cope, I’m applying lots of sunscreen and hoping some patience falls my way.  Oh, and I’ll do my best not to run anyone over.

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First Day 2011

Yesterday was the boys’ first day of school.  The hardest part about it was the logistics.  Since everyone and several of each child’s close relatives were there to help celebrate the first morning drop off, it could only be likened to a human zoo.  The parking lot overflowed with cars going off-road.  Parents were shoulder to shoulder as we marched are children to their fates.  Patience was in short supply.

I allowed myself to be swept away by the noise, the crowd and generalized anxiety I was feeling.  This was how I coped with the changes upon us.  My stoic exterior finally began to crack once Full Speed was successfully dropped off and I was taking T.Puzzle to his first day of pre-k.  It was eerily quiet in the car.  He was calm and his biggest concern was where I had put his backpack.

“I’m so excited to start school!” he exclaimed.

And that’s when it hit me.  He is more than ready for this next phase of his life.

I am more than ready to not really be ready.

I know I should be thankful both boys handled the first day so well.  In a way, it almost makes it harder for me.  It shows me that they are two independent kids who are comfortable being out in the world and away from me.

Now all I have to do learn is how to be comfortable out in the world without them.

Somehow I think they got the better end of the bargain.