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Parenting 101

Full Speed has been feeling slightly under the weather. So when Mad Dog gave his little brother a sippy cup that Full Speed had been drinking from I kind of freaked. We were getting the boys ready for a bath when this happened.

“Don’t give it to him, Full Speed’s sick!” I exclaimed.

“Hey, it happens, T.Puzzle will be fine,” says Mad Dog.

“Well, let’s at least get a different towel for T.Puzzle.” Normally I use whatever towel is on hand to wipe the soap from their eyes and faces during the hair-washing process. Since Full Speed was displaying some rosy-cheeked misery with a drippy nose, I wanted separate, clean towels for this task.

“No, T.Puzzle doesn’t need a different towel. It’s a Mad Dog Parenting 101 rule that kids need to be exposed to as many germs as possible to build their immune systems.”

At that moment, Full Speed jerks his head back and lets rip a enormous, showering sneeze.

“I see your parenting rules for immunity building worked like a charm for Full Speed,” I say with a laugh (trust me laughing is the best way to handle these situations).

As for Mad Dog and his parenting 101, let’s just say I’d fail the semester.

***No marriages were harmed during the course of these past two posts. And, he’s Mad Dog…, and he approved these messages.