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Shot Through the Heart

T.Puzzle waits with a smile for the doctor.

I am already seeing the signs of the ‘four year change’ in T.Puzzle.  It happens gradually with lots of days of backsliding.  The only reason I am aware it is happening at all is because I witnessed the same change in Full Speed two years ago.

It starts with the simple things, like saying ‘yes’ when Mom or Dad ask you to do something all the way to the more complicated, like sampling a variety of Thai food without batting an eyelash or throwing remarkably less volatile tantrums.

I had to take T.Puzzle in for his four year wellness check-up.  He was ultra-compliant and happy to boot.

I was relieved that he was following direction so well.  My soul relaxed a notch as it clicked that this is exactly how it happened with Full Speed.  The ‘four year change’ is upon us.

We were having such a good time.  I didn’t want it to end.

Then, it was time for the vaccination portion of the visit.  T.Puzzle’s glee quickly turned to horrified shock and despair.

It was like leading a dimpled, giggly lamb to slaughter.

He had to get four shots.


As each shot stabbed into his puny thighs, his wails got louder and louder.

He was so loud, the receptionist went to the back storage room and got him six ‘Lightning McQueen’ stickers for his ‘bravery’.

Once I had him calm, collected and on our way home he said, “Mom, my legs are all better now,” and didn’t give them or his shots a second thought.

Four years old.

T.Puzzle’s best year yet.