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Full Speed clunked his way through the school library doors.  The past couple days tested him.  A cold slowed his usual enthusiasm for life and by the looks of him, I knew his day drained what little energy he had left.  He sat in silence while I finished up my volunteer tasks.  Once T.Puzzle arrived, we made our way to the car.

I asked Full Speed point-blank, “What did you have for lunch?”

He said, “Nothing.”

Nothing!  Alarm bells rang loud and clear in my head.  He passed on breakfast and instead of forcing the issue, I made him promise to eat something at lunch.

Once lunchtime arrived, his appetite would reappear.  I counted on that and said as much to him.

To hear him say he ate nothing all day seemed unacceptable.

“You.  Are eating dinner.  No negotiation.  Understand me?” I said.

He nodded in defeat.

Later, at the dinner table as T.Puzzle described his luncheon with the principal (as an honor, not a punishment, thank goodness!), something in the way Full Speed’s eyes twinkled, made me question if he skipped lunch.

“Full Speed, did you really not eat lunch?” I said.


“Full Speed?”

No answer.

“Alright, I guess I’ll just look it up on your lunch account and find out for myself.”

“Yes!  I had lunch!  Okay?” he said.

“Why would you lie about that?” I said.

“Because then I would have to admit you were right.  My appetite did come back and I was hungry.  I already had two days of feeling sick.  I couldn’t admit that my mom was right and I was wrong on top of that!”

Like a lunch after hours of not eating, victory never tasted so sweet.





Full Speed insisted his stomach hurt all day.  It was so critical at one point he had to go to the nurse’s office.

“Okay, then I guess you can lay down when we get home and you can go to bed super early to get better fast,” I sweetly insisted.

Suddenly, he felt better.

The miraculous recovery spilled over to the next day. 

“If you tell the teacher you need to see the nurse again, I will make sure you go to bed right after dinner when you get home.”

No nurse’s note appeared in his take home folder.

He is healed. 

So much in fact, check out this action: (disclaimer–T.Puzzle screams really loud at the end of this for no apparent reason so you may want to cut the audio before viewing)

So, all is well with Full Speed and he learned how to ride a bike without training wheels in one day this week. 

It seemed the harder I pushed him to learn, the less motivated he was.  I gave up the fight and six months later he got on his bike and rode off into the sunset sans training wheels.

A miracle here, a miracle there, everywhere a miracle.

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Clear Heart, Clear Lungs?

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Poor little T.Puzzle.

You know he would pick his first week of Christmas break to come down with a bronchial virus.

He is finally showing real signs of recovery.  Hopefully he will lose his old man’s smoker’s cough soon, too.

He has been a trooper.  Even the night that we ended up on the family room couch at 2am as I held him upright to stave off the cough, he kept a bright outlook.  He kept worrying that my feet weren’t covered and periodically rearranged our throw blankets that I had tossed haphazardly on top of us.

I was grateful for a reason to smile in my tired early morning haze.

So, maybe our plans for Christmas break have been slightly thwarted.

At least we are together, we have a roof over our heads and we have love in hearts.

Next up?

Clear lungs I hope!

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A Quiet Dinner??

While eating dinner last night a curious thing happened. The boys were calm and subdued. They hardly moved and didn’t speak nary a word. Mad Dog and I were convinced that they had taken ill and monitored their every movement. I meticulously checked and documented their vital signs and nothing seemed amiss. They were just quietly tired.

The irony of the situation did not escape me. The more ‘normal’ and quiet they are, the more concerned we are for the state of their physical health.

Of course by the time they headed off for showers, they were back to full-blown insanity and all was right with the world.

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The Sick Card

I know that motherhood is not always a cake-walk. You have to suffer through the bad to get to the good stuff. My challenge today is that as of lately with little T.Puzzle, there only seems to be a whole lot of suffering (for him and for me) and very little good. He has been sick on and off since Thanksgiving. I’m keeping him home again from school hoping this will help get him back on track. He is clearly feeling surly. The only thing that consistently is keeping him happy are DVDs of Thomas the Train. If he is not watching Thomas he is mad, defiant and dropping level 9 tantrums all over the place.

I don’t know what to do. I’m trying to be extra patient and not fight him on every behavioral misdeed (which I normally do, just ask Full Speed). At what point does the sick card lose its validity? Now I have a feeling that since I have given him an inch behaviorally, he has taken a mile, a town, a city and possibly the whole state of Florida.

The only thing I know for certain is that when this kid is 100% healthy, he best prepare himself for some serious attitude readjustment courtesy of his mother.

Get well soon.