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No Surprise

Little T.Puzzle can’t shake his sick. It keeps lingering and lingering. It interferes with his eating, his sleep and his overall mood (lucky me). He woke up today with the nastiest cough. It was time to visit the doctor (again!). The timing wasn’t great as today is the day T.Puzzle’s long awaited big boy bed is to arrive and be assembled. Somehow, with Mad Dog’s calm input, I managed to get Full Speed off to school, T.Puzzle to the doctor, drop off AND pick up T.Puzzle’s prescription, deal with an extremely moody three year old, clean-up the aftermath of an explosive poop and be home for when the new bed arrived.

During the course of all this misadventure, I also had to throw T.Puzzle’s new Thomas the Train sheets in the wash. How is it possible that I have owned these sheets for over four months and I did not have one chance (not one!) to launder them before his bed arrived today? This bed has been back-ordered for 10 weeks so it wasn’t like it was a surprise.

The real surprise (or maybe not so surprisingly) is that I’m a Mom who isn’t perfect. In my defense I write excellent limericks. I would prefer no one actually comments on that. My self-esteem is depending on you.