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The Spontaneous Nap

There is a positive side to raising overly active children.  Honest.  I knew with out a shadow of a doubt that T.Puzzle was feeling under the weather.  He had a pretty good morning and was keeping up with Full Speed.  After lunch we were seated at our dining room table about to work on some fine motor activities.  T.Puzzle politely excused himself from the table.  He went to the nearest couch, laid down, and was asleep within two minutes.

sleep tight!

Turns out he had a temperature of 102 and went on to have miserable, sad evening.  I motrined him up and put him to bed at six.

If only we all could sleep 13 hours straight.  I bet the world would be a better place if we did.

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Disney Magic

Happy Father’s Day!

Mickey Mouse waffles are an awesome way to start the day.

Mad Dog and I learned the key to a peaceful existence is to take the boys to Magic Kingdom with no strollers allowed. We went from ride to ride with great speed and accomplished a lot in a few short hours. We topped off our late afternoon with a couple hours at the splash park at our hotel. Mission accomplished:

Ah, gotta love that Disney magic.