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Don’t Cry for Me Argentina

I haven’t necessarily wanted to share with you about the boys’ current soccer season.   The first two games of the season were so pitiful, I actually took to trying to disguise myself at subsequent games.  Thankfully, Mad Dog’s mad skills have turned both boys’ teams around.  I can now freely leave my wigs and sunglasses at home.  Look for Mad Dog’s blog in the future called, “Winning is Everything.  One Man’s Journey to Ultimate Soccer Coaching Success, All Thanks to My Beautiful Wife” (or something like that).

Of course before last Saturday’s game for T.Puzzle, I had an in-depth discussion with him that his focus should be on kicking the ball, NOT playing tag with a rascally teammate.   Whatever it was, both squads have improved dramatically from that first week.  While I enjoy when they win, I can walk away happy if they gave it their all. 

This recent soccer success has convinced Full Speed that he is going to be a professional soccer player.  His dream is to play for Argentina so he can be on the same team as Lionel Messi.  I told him I would miss him and that I would do my best to travel to as many games as I could. 

I saw the lightbulb go off in his head.  “Mom, you could just move with me to Argentina!  Then you wouldn’t miss me at all.”

With Mad Dog’s soccer genes and a heart of gold, I predict he is going to give Lionel Messi a run for his money.

Go Team!

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Coast to Coast

This soccer season has not reached the level of success that Mad Dog’s and Full Speed’s first season did.  I’m being kind here.

I know, I know, it’s not suppose to be about the winning.  It’s suppose to be about the learning and the teamwork, right? 

Who are we kidding?  It’s about the winning.

Sometimes it physically pains me to watch my boys go down in the flames of defeat.  It pains me even more when Mad Dog is in a less than cheerful mood for several hours following another heart wrenching loss.

There are some positives.  I will never tire of watching Full Speed never tire of running the field during games.  His new nickname is ‘Coast to Coast’ because the kid never backs down and will be wherever the ball is at any given moment.  It is a sight to behold. 

Full Speed gets set to head Coast to Coast.

Watching T.Puzzle evolve from the first game has been humorous and heartwarming.  The first several games he sort of ran near the ball but he didn’t like to actually come into contact with it.   Now, he’s mastered some legitimate blocks as goalie and on more than one occasion got a foot on the ball while in play.  These were proud moments for me.

Mad Dog helps T.Puzzle toss in bounds.

Looks like I’m officially a soccer Mom.

Maybe I’m evolving too.