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How Do You Spell ‘Impossible’?

I L-O-V-E this kid!
I have officially signed up T.Puzzle for kindergarten.  I am handling this sign-up a lot better than I did Full Speed’s.  I think it’s because I know what to expect and knowing Full Speed loved his kindergarten experience, I’m very hopeful T.Puzzle will love his, too.  Or, maybe I’m more than ready to hand him over to his kindergarten teacher.  It seems as of late, T.Puzzle is convinced I really don’t know how to read and questions me emphatically if I correct him.  I have to spell the word out loud while he hides the text.  He peers at the word furtively beneath his cupped hands to make sure I can’t cheat.  Then, I have to prove phonetically why I think it is the word it is instead of the one he thinks it is.  Oh, I’m ready for this guy to go to kindergarten, alright.  I just hope his future teacher is excellent at spelling.

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What’s I Don’t Know + I Don’t Know=?

Is it normal that my boys constantly barrage me with addition and subtraction questions?  They also ask me how to spell things, the eating habits of dinosaurs and the prerequisites of the United States presidency.  Additionally, every morning while we wait for his school’s doors to open, Full Speed quizzes me on loose change addition.  He grabs a heap of coins, spreads them out on the dashboard and then divides them by categories.  From there we have to value the categories and figure out the sum.

It’s kind of exhausting.  Maybe this is normal and the truth is I’m feeling overwhelmed.  I’m fast realizing that soon I won’t be able to answer any of their questions accurately because they will fall outside my scope of knowledge.

Maybe it’s time for Mommy to go back to school.

How do you spell adorable?