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On Track for Stardom (Part Two)



In our house, along with running (get it?) jokes about Full Speed’s dynamic track prospects, T.Puzzle is known to regularly shoot barbs at Full Speed.  While these jabs are humorous and a natural part of any sibling relationship, sometimes, it’s too much.  This is where Mad Dog or myself step in and talk to him about being respectful and all the other parent-y things one says in this situation.  So, when Mad Dog and Full Speed returned from another track meet, I put the kibosh on T.Puzzle’s comments.  We were about to watch a video of Full Speed’s 4×800 and I didn’t want any disrespectful comments flying about.  Full Speed is trying and that’s all we should focus on.

That is, until I couldn’t.

As I watched Full Speed lope around the bend of that first curve of track, I wasn’t sure if Mad Dog had accidentally set his phone to slow-motion speed.  My brain couldn’t comprehend what it was seeing and in combination with Full Speed’s pithy commentary, I lost my mind.

I could not stop laughing for the life of me. I tried, I really tried, but the more footage I watched, the more tickled I became.

Eventually, he was the only one in the frame shot and if we kidded ourselves a bit, it looked as if he was a lone runner cruising to first place.  This made us all laugh even more.

Mad Dog explained if I thought this seemed rather slow, imagine his surprise when at a previous meet he watched Full Speed crawl to an even slower pace in the 4 x 400.  How was it possible he had to run an entire lap less, but was almost doubly slow?  Turns out he was misinformed and thought he was really running the 4 x 800.

He was conserving energy for a nonexistent second lap!

P.S. – Full Speed shaved 20 seconds off his time at last night’s track meet.  While realistic in his capabilities, he is determined and improving. 

If he keeps this up track won’t be funny anymore.  

I’m game if you are, Full Speed.

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The Real ‘Secret’

If you have two ‘spirited’ children and you want to have a leisurely lunch, the kind of lunch where you sit outside, have an actual conversation with your in-laws, eat tons of salsa and chips and slowly sip a mango mojito here’s what you do:

Take your kids to the beach for three and a half hours, no more no less, before you go and you are golden and delicious. Just like your mojitos.

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This book I’m reading about ‘spirited kids’ has been eye-opening. I’m reading it slowly as there is a lot to process. I’m at a section now where it talks about letting go of your dream ‘phantom’ child and getting on board with your very different, incredibly awesome child/children you got instead.

I always imagined motherhood to be about quiet snuggling, long serene walks and hours of reading books together (much like my own childhood experiences). I still have not completely accepted that this will never ever happen. Even as I sat with the boys last night on the couch to watch a family show, they could not sit still even for a millisecond. There was so much movement happening I’m surprised we all didn’t topple over into a big heap.

So, I can either keep my impossible dream of quietude alive or not. Which do you suppose will yield a better outcome?