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The Bike Ride

p8132940As long as there is breath in my body, I will fight for the right to have a family bike ride.  I play enough sports, I watch enough sports and I attend enough sporting events that I am justified in rounding up all three of my boys for bike riding.  They are so wholly resistant at times, I question whether I should push forward.  Then, after another round of football/baseball/basketball, I think, you know what?  I deserve a little something for me.

Mad Dog’s week has been particularly demanding work-wise so when a 90 minute window opened up for us to hop on our bikes this weekend, we took it.  I couldn’t believe we were finally doing something I wanted.  The sky was cloudless and the kind of deep blue that takes your breath away.  The temperature was perfect and I could hear the birds chirping us on to a fun family outing. Life was good.

We rode all of five minutes and T.Puzzle announces that he needs to use the bathroom.


There, I said it.

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Tag, You’re It

Full Speed brought home a P.E. calendar that has an activity per day on it.  The goal is to complete each activity and then turn in the calendar at the end of the month for a surprise.  As Full Speed’s mother I’m all over this.  Anything that can be used to channel his energy for good and not evil is always a plus with me.

One such listed activity is play tag with friends.


Full Speed wanted Miss Cutie and Cute Baby to come over.

Even better.

Since T.Puzzle is still on restriction as his eyes heal, tag would be indoors.  I knew these girls, who are both very good at keeping up with my guys, wouldn’t necessarily increase the craziness level of what I presumed would be a raucous game of tag.

Unfortunately, the girls had other plans.  I relayed this to Full Speed and he rolled with it.

“That’s okay, Mom.  I’ll just play tag with my brother because he is my friend, too.”

Well said, Full Speed.  Well said.

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Baby Fever

My friend is currently out of town visiting her sister and newborn son.  I saw her boyfriend today and commented that he’d better watch out because I was pretty sure she’d  return with a bad case of baby fever.  She’s mentioned in recent months that she does occasionally consider adding to their family and being around babies really increases this urge.

Of course as I’m attempting to converse with him Full Speed and T.Puzzle are just being themselves.  They are running in circles, shouting and karate-chopping each other’s heads.

These two are the equivalent of approximately 20 low-energy children.

My friend’s boyfriend looks at the boys in all their mayhem and says, “Have her spend some time with your little guys and she’ll be cured for sure.”

Whatever did he mean?

Hey, I’m all on board with this intervention.   I think it’s best if we do a version of psychological flooding which places her in plentiful contact with my boys to squash any inkling of continued procreation.  I’m recommending the she spend every afternoon for several hours (at least until I can get dinner on the table) and all day/night on Saturdays with them (at her house of course).

Anything for a friend, right?

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Slam Dunk

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The goal in writing this blog is to give some much needed observatory distance from the chaos that is my every day life.  It helps if I take a moment to reflect on the day’s events and allows me to be a more accepting person/Mom.  I have grown leaps and bounds in acceptance but there are still times when I find myself holding my breath and wishing that my boys were a tad bit calmer than they actually are.

It just ain’t so.

I had high expectations for our family movie night viewing of ‘Hoosiers‘.  While I am at heart a true girlie girl, I appreciate good sports and I adore a good sports movie.  This particular movie is very special to me.  I vividly remember going with my Mom to see it and we bonded tremendously over the nail-biting basketball sequences and rooting for the underdog.  I truly felt like my mother’s daughter after this experience.  She, the lover of all things basketball, realized that maybe I wasn’t only all about lip-gloss and hairspray.

I prepared myself that the boys would lose interest in about the first five minutes of the movie.  Despite this mental preparation I couldn’t help but ‘wish’ that they would sit quietly for its duration and maybe even love it a little, too.

Thankfully, it exceeded my expectations.  Granted, T.Puzzle fell asleep because the movie had a late start, but Full Speed was riveted.

T.Puzzle can't run with the big dogs and falls asleep before Hoosier's sectionals. No worries, we own the movie little guy.

Maybe there’s more to each of us than we realize.

If we learn to let go of what we think people should be, they might just surprise us and be exactly who we need.

And learning this is the slam-dunk of motherhood.