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Coast to Coast

This soccer season has not reached the level of success that Mad Dog’s and Full Speed’s first season did.  I’m being kind here.

I know, I know, it’s not suppose to be about the winning.  It’s suppose to be about the learning and the teamwork, right? 

Who are we kidding?  It’s about the winning.

Sometimes it physically pains me to watch my boys go down in the flames of defeat.  It pains me even more when Mad Dog is in a less than cheerful mood for several hours following another heart wrenching loss.

There are some positives.  I will never tire of watching Full Speed never tire of running the field during games.  His new nickname is ‘Coast to Coast’ because the kid never backs down and will be wherever the ball is at any given moment.  It is a sight to behold. 

Full Speed gets set to head Coast to Coast.

Watching T.Puzzle evolve from the first game has been humorous and heartwarming.  The first several games he sort of ran near the ball but he didn’t like to actually come into contact with it.   Now, he’s mastered some legitimate blocks as goalie and on more than one occasion got a foot on the ball while in play.  These were proud moments for me.

Mad Dog helps T.Puzzle toss in bounds.

Looks like I’m officially a soccer Mom.

Maybe I’m evolving too.

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100 Degrees of Love

I discovered the holy grail of sports for spirited children: soccer.

The soccer field is the one place where it is socially acceptable to run all over the place like a crazy person. Full Speed has yet to master some of the basics but what he lacked in execution he made up for in commitment. He had the most energy of anyone out there.

That is until the third game. These poor kids were running around in 100+ heat and had lost their swagger by then. One mom shouted out an ice cream bribe to get the offense moving again. By this time all three of our players wanted to guard the goal and forget about chasing the ball down to the opposing side to score. Too hot and too far.

I won’t say if we won or lost, that’s not part of this league unfortunately. As Full Speed’s  coach, Mad Dog’s competitive streak does not appreciate this aspect very much. I will say our team dominated (as much as you can at the 4-6 year level) making it very fun to watch.

Mad Dog supervises as Full Speed gets ready to attack from the right

This is my first real taste of watching Full Speed play competitive sports. I’m guessing it will be the first of many seasons of many varieties of sports. For a mom who knows little to none about soccer, makes me think it must be the love of my kid that I’m there. He is awfully cute.

Believe me it certainly wasn’t because of the weather.

Go Full Speed, Go!