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Thoughts on Life and Motherhood

These past two weeks have found me in a struggle to get my WFAM posts created and uploaded.  I do not like to give myself excuses as to why I don’t have the time to write.  I fear these excuses will allow me to push writing to the back-burner and I will yet again, sacrifice my needs for those of my loved ones.

However, when your very-senior-dog has eye surgery, it’s okay to write your post the day of if you even write it at all:

Little Guy is doing well overall but very sad/mad about his plastic collar.

Since I’m not in the mood for a funny and lighthearted post after comforting Little Guy through the night, here are two somewhat serious thoughts that have been swimming in my head:

Nobody Has Motherhood Figured Out

I have spent time with kick-butt executive moms down to the always-at-home-always-on-call moms and every variation in between.  We all feel less-than about some aspect of life and motherhood, and nobody has it all figured out.  All we know is we love our kids, we are doing our best and it is better to focus on our little corner of the world and worry less about what anyone else is or is not doing.

Life Beyond Motherhood

In a People feature article, Michelle Obama was asked about her approaching ’empty nest’.  The interviewer seemed surprised she was not ‘weepy’ about the prospect.

“I don’t need my children to be happy.  I had them so they’d be happy.”

This quote has me more determined than ever to continue carving a path that is unique to me.

Writing is a big part of this path:

The Truce of Motherhood:  How My Son’s Tantrums Opened My Eyes and My Heart

Thank you for walking with me.  I’m excited to see where we can go.

Like I said before, nobody has life figured out.  We may not always see eye to eye or perceive the world, life or motherhood in the exact same way, but I believe as moms, we can all relate to this:

Some Truths are universal.


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The Question

Once in a blue moon a question is posed that makes you seriously evaluate the direction your life has taken.

In an attempt to consistently utilize my remaining brain cells, most have left the building since motherhood, I participate in a monthly book club.  The conversation never stays on topic and that is one of the reasons I enjoy it so much.

“I’ve never understood why stay-at-home Moms have college degrees?  Why would someone spend all that time and money on an education and not use it?”

This was the question that gave me serious pause.

The person posing the question obviously did not know that the woman seated next to her (me!) was one such stay-at-home Mom ‘wasting’ my college degrees.  Apparently, I had fooled her in to thinking I was highly educated and gainfully employed.  In her opinion, one cannot exist without the other.

Oh, I’m sure I could’ve gone off on a rant to defend the choices in my life.  I didn’t see the point.  Her opinion was solidly formed and the other women of the group heatedly joined in with their two cents.

When I left the group later that evening I realized that the question, however personally I may or may not have taken it, doesn’t matter.

As with any path we choose in life, as long as we are comfortable with who we are, no question, person or judgment will tear it asunder.

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Soothing…, Just a Little

Being stuck at home for 11 straight hours with two active boys is a mother’s form of Chinese water torture. Full Speed has his second day of kindergarten off (very anticlimactic in my opinion) as the remainder of his classmates report for their first day. T.Puzzle has been home since his lense removal surgery well over a week ago. It’s a lot of togetherness when you aren’t able to leave the house as we wait for T.Puzzle’s eye to heal. The kicker is, once that eye is mostly healed, it will be time for surgery on the other one.

Honestly, for the most part, T.Puzzle’s recovery time at home as been kind of special and sweet. He loves being an ‘only child’ if even for only a few hours. It’s just the endless playing of the trains that is starting to wear on me.

Just a little.

Then, to have them both tethered to home on the same day by myself for hours on end, that’s enough to make anyone lose it.

Just a little.

They are good boys. They just reach their threshold of contained inactivity and they have to break through it. We could be sitting watching a movie and before I know it they are both leaping head first off the couch attempting aerial kicks and shouting as loud as they possibly can.

It’s very soothing.

Well, I gotta run, I need to perfect my aerial kick.