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A Father’s Wisdom

On the morning of Father’s Day, I magnanimously promised Mad Dog that I would only have 1.5 meltdowns in honor of the holiday.  You might say I’ve been slightly emotional this week as the stress of moving continues to stretch my inner resources.

In typical Mad Dog style he lets the seasons of my many moods all roll right off him.  He told me that he only remembers what is perfect about me and easily forgets the rest.  This, he told the boys, is the key to a happy life:

Forget about what isn’t perfect and remember the rest.

“Is that why sometime you forget about Full Speed?” T.Puzzle said.

Hopefully, Mad Dog has some wisdom on improving interpersonal sibling communication.



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My morning was a little stressed. As the boys continued to fight and scream in the car I made a conscious effort to breathe. If they pick up on my stress surely they will pick up on my zen. I inhaled deeply and waited. They seemed only to get louder. I exhaled slowly certain my inner calm would infuse the car with peace. They escalated. I lost it. I screamed at the top of my lungs. The result? Two boys that thought that Mom was hilarious. Shockingly this only increased their rowdiness.

I give up.

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I’m having another one of those days where the world is moving too fast.  Full Speed started his summer camp and will have his first ever soccer game this evening. As for little T.Puzzle, he moved up to a ‘big boy’ class and he wasn’t too pleased.

I am all for my boys growing and maturing, I am just not a huge fan of change. I think part of it is that my boys like routine and anything out of the ordinary can cause a lot of extra stress.

Who am I kidding? I also like routine and anything out of the ordinary causes ME lots of stress. Have you met my kids (or read this blog)? Do you know what I’m up against on a GOOD day?

You change things around and the whole house of cards is about ready to tumble.