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The Happy Grocery Story

Full Speed’s expression here, as T.Puzzle attempts to cause him bodily harm, aptly captures how I felt physically last week.

I haven’t been feeling up to par for a while now.  Initially, I tried to stay very positive about the whole situation.  After Mad Dog travelled for work and T.Puzzle came down with the same symptoms, my positivity started to slip away.  No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t magically manifest a stocked refrigerator through happy visualization.  At some point, I had to break down and go to the grocery.  I opted to take the boys with me because obviously whatever virus I had, it clearly was damaging the reasoning parts of my muddled brain.

Before we entered the grocery, I croaked out my usual round of threats to get the boys to behave.  Once we were in the store, I honestly didn’t care what they did.   Naturally, there was a lot of pretend fire arm action and we fell deeply under enemy fire somewhere in the cereal aisle. For the most part, we managed to get through the store unscathed.  That is, until we neared the bread section.  As we turned the corner, Full Speed and T.Puzzle pushed the cart into a metal display stand of antibacterial wipes.  It sounded a lot worse than it actually was.  The crash of the cart sent a shockwave down the aisle and about 17 Moms jumped out of their skins.  I could see the panic on their faces as they turned to their own carts and quickly did a roll call to make sure all their children and corresponding limbs were accounted for.

“My bad!” I squeaked through my throbbing throat.  “No worries everyone, it’s only my crazy kids, not yours.”

The relief was palpable.  I cut our losses and we headed straight to the check-out.  So what if I forgot to get milk?  At least the dairy case that housed the milk remained safely intact to see another day.

See?  Look how positive I am.

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Supermarket Miracle

This was my morning. First I got T.Puzzle up and dressed. I said, “What would you like for breakfast?” I was full well anticipating an answer like ‘pancakes!’ or ‘waffles!” Instead he said, “Cupcakes with sprinkles!”

I promise you I did not give him that for breakfast. At least the cupcakes I had baked for his birthday made an impression on him. I guess I will have to Betty Crocker it out for him on future celebratory occasions. Let’s hope he outgrows his egg allergy because store bought cupcakes are a beautiful thing.

When it’s Full Speed’s turn to start the day I ask, “What would you like to wear today?” He responds, “My Santa shirt.” This confuses me. He doesn’t have a shirt with a Santa picture on it or even a holiday themed one.

“What shirt do you mean?” I ask.

“The red one I wore when I met Santa,” he explains. His tone implies that pretty much everyone on the planet except his Mom knows this. Red polo shirt it is then.

I love that in the first ten minutes of my day that my boys are so entertaining. I think that means we are off to a good start.

After T.Puzzle and I drop off Full Speed, we head to the grocery. In the past I have dedicated entire posts to his legendary meltdowns and unpredictable behavior. Today, I changed my game plan. It was risky but it paid off. I had to survey the area and make a hasty choice. On this particular weekday morning the place was dead with only a handful of staff and customers sprinkled about.

I let him out of the cart.

I know as you let that concept sink in, you have a great deal of fear and admiration for me.

He helped me pull the cart and placed (more like plunked and thunked) items in the basket. It went slowly but it went well. I even knew I had a spare fruit snack in my purse to bribe him to sit in the cart during checkout. It worked like a charm.

My morning started off as slightly humorous like any other and then it turned into a supermarket miracle. God bless us everyone!