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Survival Mode

We have been incredibly busy as we manage all the ins and outs of moving.  It seems for every action-item crossed off the to-do list, twenty more eagerly pop up to fill its place.  While I have been outwardly focused on all these necessary tasks, a part of me is aware that taking time to smell the roses with my boys is essential.

Full Speed stopping to smell the roses when he was two adorable years old.

In the midst of this craziness I am making an effort every day to be present for them and to keep up with many of our traditions.  We have made it to the pool, the movies and for ice cream.  These are the pillars of our summer.


One day, as I contemplated the complicated logistics of our schedule, I had the strangest thought.  A Target run was first-up and I actually wanted my boys to go with me.

Well, that was a first.

I scanned my body for illness.  Then I did a quick mental-health status check.

I seemed to be functioning ‘normally’.

Was this what end-of-days feels like?

I don’t know.

I do know that my boys are so much fun!  They have the ability to entertain me while on errands and sometimes, they are actually helpful!

Truthfully, T.Puzzle is still a bit of a loose cannon when we are out and about, but I can take it.  I survived the terrible twos, threes and fours…



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Over It

All Moms are familiar with the phenomenon that when one of your children is out of control, your remaining children become eerily angelic.  This is helpful because having one kid lose it is more than enough.

Then, there are the special days.  The days you are convinced that your children made some sort of evil pact to share the burden of dreadful behavior equally. Those are the days where all you can hope for is that you don’t lose your cool enough that the neighbors alert the authorities in some capacity.

First, it started with T.Puzzle.  He called his brother a ‘diaper head’ and ran screaming away and hid in a corner when I punished him for the name-calling.  I took away all of his stuffed animals and Thomas blanket and he screamed, “You’re mean!” at top volume.  This was later followed by a meltdown about sharing a toy riding car.  I had to carry him kicking and screaming to his room for punishment.

I could already feel how special the day was becoming.

He eventually pulled it together.

Great, I thought.  Now we can enjoy this awesome weather with friends and look forward to our dinner out with Mad Dog.

Post T.Puzzle meltdown. Miss Cutie enjoys the calm and a ride before Full Speed's turn to lose it.

Well,.. Full Speed decided to get in to the act.  He was glorious in his sassiness, which started because he lost a game of Red Light, Green Light.  The unfortunate power struggles and tantrums that ensued culminated in him screaming, “I never want to live in this house again!”  Oh, and he also hit me.  A knock-down, oh-no-he-didn’t veritable knick-knack patty-whack across my back.

We didn’t go to dinner (foiled again!!!), they went to bed so early I’m pretty sure I heard the faint whisperings of the five o’clock news in the background, and I dropped to my knees and prayed to my God (Supernanny) for guidance.

Some days are good, some days you wish you ‘never want to live in your house again!’, and some days are better when they are over.

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This book I’m reading about ‘spirited kids’ has been eye-opening. I’m reading it slowly as there is a lot to process. I’m at a section now where it talks about letting go of your dream ‘phantom’ child and getting on board with your very different, incredibly awesome child/children you got instead.

I always imagined motherhood to be about quiet snuggling, long serene walks and hours of reading books together (much like my own childhood experiences). I still have not completely accepted that this will never ever happen. Even as I sat with the boys last night on the couch to watch a family show, they could not sit still even for a millisecond. There was so much movement happening I’m surprised we all didn’t topple over into a big heap.

So, I can either keep my impossible dream of quietude alive or not. Which do you suppose will yield a better outcome?

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Contrary Genes and Selective Memories

New dragon pjs

The boys have clearly inherited the contrary gene. No matter what I say or what I ask of them, there is always some reason why they can’t quietly comply. Sometimes it gets complicated to always disagree with your Mom but they are very dedicated. This morning as I was picking out Full Speed’s clothes, I had landed on a Star Wars theme. I told him this way he could wear his new Darth Vader socks (I think they are super-cool).

How to Train Your Dragon very cute movie.

“Mom, I can’t wear those socks. I was suppose to wear my new Power Ranger socks. I told you Hot Wheels first, Darth Vader second and then Power Rangers last.”

“No you didn’t Full Speed. You already wore Power Rangers and they are in the hamper.”

“Oh.” And he puts on Darth Vader. Why he simply couldn’t put them on in the first place is a mystery to me.

Not to be outdone, as we had been on a family bike ride the day before, little T.Puzzle threw a stubborn, level-5 tantrum about riding on Mom’s bike. Granted, Dad’s bike has much more status attached to it, but it was time to switch back to Mom’s. He tantrumed and fussed and yelled, ‘no!’ and ‘I not!’ and ‘I never!’.

Mad Dog marvelled at his stubborness.

“Full Speed was never this stubborn,” he said.

I was gobsmacked (fun word, right?).

In my reality (wink to you, Mad Dog), Full Speed was ten times if not a hundred times more stubborn than little T.Puzzle at this same age.

This is my theory as to why Mad Dog’s memory is different than mine. If you are a carrier of the contrary gene (such as Mad Dog) then you also must have selective memory when it comes to recalling stubborn behavior of any kind by anyone. That is the only realistic explanation for Mad Dog’s apparent memory loss surrounding Full Speed’s early years.

You know what? I bet he will disagree with me.

Hmmm…, how interesting and not contrary at all.

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When the Shark Bites (Part Two)

Part of what sisters do is share their challenges when it comes to child-rearing. Some kids in the brood challenge us in different ways at different times. Some seem as if they might be gifted at pushing their mommies’ buttons (they shall remain nameless in hopes of reducing their future therapy bills). My sister Skee finished telling a particularly frustrating time with one of her kids and then I went on to describe the horrible biting phase of little T.Puzzle.  How it started when he was barely walking (just under a year) and continues to this day. The fortunate part is that now his only victim is his brother (I can’t tell you how relieved I am he is keeping it in the family so the world at large is safe). Then I went on describe how just last week he bit his brother so hard, he almost drew blood. He must have been listening to what I said because less than 24 hours after I shared this story, he struck again. This pic is of the bite mark he inflicted on Full Speed. Full Speed claims this bite attack was unprovoked. I highly doubt it.

This is possibly the longest biting streak on record. Maybe little T.Puzzle could win a cash prize of some sort from the Guiness Book of World Records. My guess is, he will have to use it to pay his lawyer. Full Speed isn’t going to let him go unpunished.