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Teach by Example

I took the boys to IHOP for dinner because they were well-behaved for their hair-cuts (sort of) and my kitchen was clean and I wanted it to stay that way. It was basic insanity at the restaurant as usual but we managed to have a good time.

That morning I had decided to try little T.Puzzle in big boy underpants again to see what would happen. He had a couple of accidents including an unfortunate incident involving a good length of his train tracks, but caught on to keeping his pants dry pretty quick. Of course the pooping is a whole different matter.

As we were finishing up our dinner little T.Puzzle starts emitting some squeaky sounds from his nether regions and I could smell, I mean I could tell, that he was going to need to potty soon. When we arrived home I took a less than compliant T.Puzzle to the bathroom. As I’m about to place him on the potty, Full Speed busts in and says, “T.Puzzle, I gotta poop, let me show you how it’s done.” He hops up on the pot and states, “See that brown stuff coming out of my booty? That’s how it’s done!” Apparently little T.Puzzle just got ‘schooled’. It was highly entertaining.

Once it was little T.Puzzle’s turn he cried and complained and refused to go. I decided to ignore him. Partially because Full Speed needed my attention for something and partially because I am so tired of the power struggle of poop, I sort of locked myself into a pleasant denial bubble. My logic was if I tuned out his complaining then it must not actually be happening.

About five minutes later little T.Puzzle shockingly announces that he ‘POOPED!”

I was so excited I almost passed out.

What does that say about my life?

Please, don’t answer that.

children, mommyhood

The Example

I’m trying to teach Full Speed not to point out people who are different from him and make fun. He has already made some pretty embarrassing comments about a boy who weighed considerably more than him, and a man with an overflowing afro. I have had many discussions with him about the things that make us different are the things that make us special. I also use the example that if someone pointed out that Full Speed wears glasses and thinks it’s funny, how hurtful that might feel to him. His glasses are what makes him unique and being unique is quite amazing.

So, we are eating at Applebee’s and Full Speed notices a tattoo-covered man reach his arms over his head to stretch. I see what is about to happen as a little, devilish smile creeps across Full Speed’s face. He is just about to poke and make fun of the man’s tattoo-covered arms when I give him my meanest mommy-glare. His demeanor shifts instantly and he looks up at me with innocent eyes.

“I was just going to ask what that guy was doing, Mom. I wasn’t going to make fun of him (of course he says this at a loud volume possibly defeating any lesson I am trying to teach).”

I have to give it to him, Full Speed always has a creative defense whenever he is caught in the act of something naughty. I would poke fun at this but I’m trying to set a good example.